If your bedroom is always a mess, clothes on the floor, bric-a-brac piled up and collecting dust in corners, it’s time for a rethink. You could use a little spring-cleaning motivation – it is that time of year after all. But maybe you’re one of the many people who suffers from tiny-room syndrome.

Ok, maybe that’s not a real condition, but it can certainly feel that way when space is limited. Not to worry. For us, “small” isn’t a bad thing – it’s an opportunity to be creative with your surroundings.

Below are some inspiringly adorable rooms that make the best of their limited square-footage. Apply some of these hacks to your own room, and you might finally have some breathing – and sleeping – room.

Frame Your Bed with Cubbies

frame your bed with cubbies

If your bedroom feels squished, investing in above-the-bed cubbies can be an ideal solution. Not only does it create a sleek and organized effect, but it also saves tons of space by removing the need for bedside tables. Take it a step further by going monochromatic, and your cubbies will melt right into the wall.

Take Up Some (Wall) Space

take up some wall space

If you’re up for a renovation project, this one is for you. First, make sure that you have enough space within your walls (and also that there are no pipes or important electrical wires living in there). Then, with the help of a contractor, create recessed shelves that take up depth inside the wall instead of inside your bedroom. Talk about free space!

Go White or Go Home

go white or go home

When it comes to small spaces, decorating in white is always a solid option. Wintery hues of pearl and cream make any space feel airy and bright. Keeping things neutral will trick the eye into thinking your tiny cube room is a castle. Break it up visually with a rug of a chair that has a pop of colour.

Hang in There

hang in there

Hanging items, like shelves, hooks, mirrors and art elevates the space vertically and provides more room to walk around. If you’re a person who loves TV in the bedroom, do away with the TV stand and instead drill a mount into the wall. It will probably be better for your neck, too!

Improve Your Closet

improve your closet

Sometimes having a killer closet is all you need. The better organized your clothing space, the less likely your garments will end up piled on the floor at the foot of your bed. Think about a wardrobe wall or key shelving in the closet. When you have a tiny space, you want to optimize that floor real estate. Keeping it clean is essential. Think, space, space, space!

Look Underneath

look underneath

If you’re not already using the space under your bed for storage, then get down there! Evict the monsters and make room for seasonal clothing, extra linens, and other bulky items. Get your hands on those big bins on wheels and fill ‘em up.