Top 3 Reasons to Buy Custom-Made Furniture

For most of us, a house is a long-term investment, both financially and emotionally. True, you’ll make changes along the way, even major ones, but you’re not likely to tear the whole thing down and rebuild from scratch. Our hope is that the structure we spend our lives in – our home – will stand the test of time.

In this day and age of the disposable, that yearning for something more durable and timeless can apply to furniture too. And so, if it’s furniture you seek that will stand the test of time, there’s no better choice than custom-made.

Never considered custom-made furniture? Well, if you’re looking for reasons, we’ll give you our top three.


Hands down, the most compelling reason to buy a custom-made piece is the quality. It out performs the prefabricated box store item by leaps and bounds.

Quality goes beyond basic construction; it’s infused into every detail including the basic ingredients. From the use of sustainable wood and fabric choices, to nontoxic glues and stuffing, custom furniture makers care about every aspect of the quality of their product.

Quality also means durability. Let me tell you a story. My mother has had the same sofa for over 30 years. In that time, it has witnessed our family’s history and, although it has required some upkeep, like a reupholstering and slight reshape to reflect changing tastes, it has endured gracefully. Through numerous holiday celebrations, family get-togethers, TV binge-watching marathons and even a marriage, that custom-made sofa my mother bought 30 years ago has been an investment that is still paying dividends in comfort.

Of course, custom furniture is pricier compared to the big box store variety that has quite literally been designed to fall apart in a fairly short period of time, so if you add up all those sofas you’ll be buying every eight to ten years, the custom-made option makes sound economic sense! Think of it as an investment in the quality of your life.

ELRAN 4022 Reclining Sofa (Large)


Custom-made also means personalized. From shape and fabric, to colour and trim, every detail is according to your specifications, making it truly your own. Who wants their home to look cookie cutter, like it fell out the IKEA catalogue? No, you want to show your personality and unique style and custom furniture allows you to do just that.

Look for canadian upholstery brands such as Palliser, ElRan, and Decor-Rest to have access to a large selection of leathers, fabrics, and configurations and at dining room manufacturers like Canadel and Bermex for a complete customization of your dining room set.

Canadel Eastside Chair


Beyond the fact that custom-made furniture is made to last, and therefore not likely to end up in a land fill anytime soon, something that cannot always be said about the product offerings by large retailers and manufacturers, it’s a greener choice by how it is made. In many instances, the materials used are obtained locally and from renewable sources, thereby reducing the carbon footprint through shorter transportation times and promoting a sustainable exploitation of the environment.

Local sourcing also means supporting the local economies, which means your purchase can represent a more ethical choice in that many of these companies also support fair wage policies for workers and are closely tied with their communities.

So, go ahead, buy custom-made for these reasons and many more! Your friends are sure to be “green” with envy.

Custom furniture is our speciality! Come in and speak to your local expert today.

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert