Ventilation Hood 101 6 Common Types of Bosch Ventilation

Class is in session! Learn how the different types of hoods improve indoor air quality.

Under Cabinet Hood

Bosch Under Cabinet Range Hood

This particular type of hood is one of the more common types of hoods on the market due to its affordability and compact size. This model is mounted beneath the cabinets that are set above the stove. It’s a simplistic, versatile design that can be incorporated into any kitchen style. They are ducted through the cabinet above or through an exterior wall, so oils and grease do not circulate throughout the kitchen.

Wall-Mount Hood

Bosch Wall Mount Ventilation (3)

The wall-mounted hood is one of the better options for preserving kitchen space. A lot of modern kitchen designs will see the hood installed over the range in place of cabinetry–serving as a distinctive design element in your kitchen. The main benefit of the wall mount is how the fan circulates air to reduce mould and bacteria build-up on countertops and other cooking areas–quickly eradicating odours and fumes.

Island Hood

Kitchen Island Bosch Ventilation

The island hood is best used for larger, professional-style ranges that are located on a kitchen island. The ceiling mount can withstand the extra elements that may come along with additional burners. This venting system can also add a very sophisticated look to your cooking space–which comes in various colours and design themes. The aerial hood helps disperse steam and grease away from your kitchen, preventing cabinet damage by way of condensation and acidic contaminants.

Downdraft Hood

Bosch Downdraft ventilation

The downdraft hoods are also common to install for kitchen islands. They are hidden inside the counter and pop up along the back of the range to reduce steam from a horizontal angle. This type of hood pulls the fumes down beneath the floor and out of the house. They are an excellent option for those who don’t want a larger overhead hood taking up space in their kitchen. This feature will help decrease mildew, peeling and discolouration on floors and walls due to moisture.

Custom Hood

Custom Hood Insert by Bosch

The custom hood is the ideal option for people who don’t want to be tied to a certain design option, and would prefer to work the ventilation into the kitchen landscape. Hood inserts and power sources are hidden into the cabinetry to allow a creative, custom-made approach. Planning how you are going to duct your ventilation is key to relieving your kitchen from smoke and smells associated with cooking–removing chemical vapours and grease build-up on walls, drapery, clothes, and carpet.

Power Pack

If you don’t care for the aesthetic of some of the common types of hoods, there is an option to go with the effortless style of a power pack. It can be easily added to existing cabinetry without having to clear out any space or alter the look of your kitchen because it has a much smaller size and connects with parts already used in the kitchen.

Size and strength are everything–make sure your dimensions are accurate before taking this customized approach.

There you have it-6 ventilation hoods perfect for any kitchen layout. If you’re not sure which model fits your cooking space best, we’re always available to answer any questions and help you find exactly what you need to fit your home.

Amanda, Your Appliance Expert