Your bedroom is an ideal spot to put your personality on display and to create an environment of coziness and relaxation. But with so much of your personality to capture, decorating can be an overwhelming task.

We’ve outlined some tips and tricks to help you capture the details that bring your room to life.

6 Beautiful DIY Ways to Personalize Your Bedroom

When it’s time to update the bedroom – whether it’s a big budget reno or a small refresher – decorating can be daunting for even the most seasoned pros. There are so many opinions about the ‘perfect’ room, that it’s easy to lose sight of what’s really personal to you. On top of that, many people think that decorating has to break the bank – but that’s simply not true! With a little bit of creativity and a do-it-yourself attitude, you can take your room from catalogue generic to strikingly personal.

Many of us have fabulous ideas, but find it hard to follow though. So we’ve compiled a list for you, knowing that everyone has a different style – and those differences should be celebrated!

1. Start With Inspiration

First things first, take the time to discover the styles you really love. To help capture your essence, sometimes it’s a good idea to daydream a little! Browse the Internet in search of inspiration, check local stores, or head to a friend’s house. Make notes and be open-minded! Check out Brit & Co, Houzz, or anywhere on Pinterest as a jumping off point.






2. Put Up a Cool Headboard



Many people have commitment issues when it comes to expensive purchases like headboards – and who can blame them? What’s great is that pricey purchases don’t have to be the defining factor of a beautiful bedroom; you can make your own headboard or put up art that’s special to you. Try a wall of books, old palettes, leftover wood or doors from a remodel, or a montage of photos!







3. Layer Your Bedding

layer your bedding


A relatively inexpensive way to make your room look more put together is to get some fun throw pillows and layer your bedding. Pick a theme or a complimentary colour scheme that fits your room to help tie everything together. Throw blankets, bolsters, and body pillows are cool because they add visual layers to the bed, and are also functional for when you sleep.





4. Light it Up

accent lighting in bedroom


Many people find lighting to be a challenge. One lamp in the corner of your room is often not enough. A pair of lamps on your nightstand might be nice, but you’re missing that “je ne sais quoi.” For accent lighting, try picking something funky; maybe trade in your typical bulbs for retro-looking ones or light up the room with string lights – white or colourful, your choice!










5. Get Your Greens

plants and flowers in bedroom


Fill your space with plants and flowers! Not only are potted plants beautiful, they have added health benefits too. Plants clean up the air around us, so by putting a few in the bedroom, you’re actually contributing toward a healthier living space. They also add splashes of colour without being intrusive. If you’re worried that you can’t keep the plant alive, try succulent plants like aloe or a cute little cactus – they can survive infrequent watering.




6. Add Personal Touches

personalize your bedroom


When you assess your room, it’s up to you to decide what’s missing. Filling in those little gaps is what makes everything come together and reflect who you are. Mirrors, picture frames, candles, art that you love – or that you’ve made – are all great choices. By adding personal touches, you can make small things special and fill a space with unique meaning.





Whatever you do, it’s important to be involved in the spaces you inhabit. Nobody can tell you how it’s supposed to look, or what’s supposed to be in it – because it’s all about you! Each detail – from the colour on the wall to the photos in the frames – should be organized your way. Curate the vibe you want, with the styles or brands you want, to create the ambiance you’re looking for. In the end, the more you take on DIY projects, the more personal your bedroom will be. The coolest part? With all the money you’ll save from diy projects, you’ll be able to distribute your budget toward some of the costlier things in life.


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