Why You Shouldn’t Let Pets on Your Tempur-Pedic Mattress

Cute 8 weeks old Pied French Bulldog Puppy resting in her bed

Is there anything better than cuddling with your pets? You could argue the point, but we truly believe resting with your furry friend is an important past time you should share with them. Now, where that takes place is a different story. It’s common for people with pets to just let their animals jump up on the bed to snooze with them, but we can’t emphasize enough how bad this is for your Tempur-Pedic mattress.

There is a time and a place for napping with your little companion, but it’s not when you’re going to sleep. Read on to discover why your fur buddy should probably not participate in your bedtime slumber.

1) Dust, Pollen, and Allergens – Oh My!

If you have an outdoor cat and a dog that gets a lot of outside playtime, then you’ll probably be most affected by the mayhem that comes with that. These animals may be clean, but that doesn’t mean they don’t bring in fun allergens from outside. From dust particles to flecks of pollen, your pets have a way of bringing these inside and setting your allergies on fire.

If your pets jump into your bed every night, they’re likely to track those unwanted allergens all over your sleep space, which can easily be absorbed into your mattress. Don’t ruin your Tempur-Pedic Mattress or aggravate your senses by letting your “furiend” sleep with you.

2) Accidents Happen

Kids can’t always help it, and neither can your pets. Sometimes they get the urge to release their bodily fluids, and then it’s just too late. Your mattress is suddenly wet and smelly and there’s just no going back. So, the best way to keep a clean bed, free of from animal accidents? Just don’t let them on your bed.

You should always try protecting your Tempur-Pedic with a mattress cover anyways, but unfortunately, liquids still have a way of soaking through the protector. Keep the pets off and you’ll never need to worry about a mess occurring.

Why You Shouldn’t Let Pets on Your Tempur-Pedic Mattress (2)

3) Catch a Bug

If you let your cats and dogs up on your bed often, there’s a good chance they’ll bring in more than just dust and pollen from outside. Germs, ticks, and other icky things could easily crawl their way into your bed sheets, and even your mattress!

Of course, even if your animals get all the appropriate shots to prevent ticks, worms, and other creepy crawlies, your animals still have microscopic bugs that can easily find their way into your bed which can ultimately mess with your immune system. To prevent waking up with a fever, keep the pups and kitties off the bed.

We know it’s a hard thing not allowing your pets on the bed, but a clean Tempur-Pedic mattress is much better for your health. Try finding another spot you can hang out with your animals on, such as a futon, or consider getting your pet their own bed! Either way, keeping the furry fellows off your Tempur-Pedic will keep your mattress, and you, in a better state. If a pet has ruined your bed and you’re ready for a fresh start, stop by our store today to find a Tempur-Pedic bed void of animal hair.

Sophie, Your Sleep Expert

Best Healthy Halloween Treats

Best Healthy Halloween Treats

As we are becoming a generation concerned with what we eat, I thought I would examine healthier but fun alternatives to offer at Halloween. When I was a kid, I barely made it home with my loot as I ate quite a few treats while “on the road”. Now that I am older, I consider myself very lucky I got through those years with no cavities. Many are not so lucky!

So how do we get ready for that night of goblins and ghouls without being known for that house that gives out chocolate covered tofu? Well, of course, we always assume that treats mean some sugary-laden food that sticks to the roof of your mouth or gets stuck between your teeth! Yes, that is true, however, we can redefine Halloween treats without spoiling it for the little monsters!

If you are concerned about your offerings, let’s look at some alternatives.

1) Many big box stores now offer all types of healthy snacks in little packets. So instead of reaching for the fat-laden chips or sticky candy, oven-baked cheesy crackers like Goldfish, yogurt or chocolate-covered pretzels, or your own homemade trail mix in a colourful bag will be a hit!

2) I love the idea of stickers and temporary tattoos to give as a Halloween treat. Hear me out! It’s all in the presentation so get some tall clear cellophane bags, and add to the stickers and tattoos, a balloon or two, a Halloween themed pencil for good measure, and OK if you must drop a little box of raisins!

3) Fruits are no longer considered a safe alternative but dried fruits in a closed box or bag are a great idea. Some fruits are dried up to look like long colourful gummy strings that are fun to eat. Choose the ones that have no preservatives and no added sugar as fruits are sweet enough!

Best Healthy Halloween Treats (2)

4) School supplies and items you use at home are another great way to add fun to Halloween. During this time of year, most dollar stores have themed items like pencils, erasers, goblin topped pencil sharpeners, toothbrushes covered in ghosts and vampires making the bedtime routine more fun! Halloween coloured toothpaste, glowing toy pumpkins or nightlights can be added as well! The ideas are endless. And yes, adding a little treat to eat is also a good thing provided it is wrapped and healthy.

5) If you absolutely must give candy, be a wise consumer and read the labels. Did you know that mini peanut butter cups contain 23 grams of sugar while a mini Hershey chocolate bar contains only 5 grams?

A little imagination will go far and yield great results. Think outside of the box like making orange and black coloured popcorn by adding natural food colouring to the kernels and watch the colours explode! Hair clips with goblins, socks with pumpkin eating monsters, the dollar store has all you need! This will give the little ghosts knocking on your door something to talk about with their friends at school! And just like that, you’ve become the best house on the block!

Angela, Your Sleep Expert

5 Ways to Make Entertaining Easier

Five Ways to Make Entertaining Easier

As we move from casual outdoor summer barbecues to more formal indoor meals and gatherings, we thought we would round up our five best tips for entertaining with ease.

1) ‘Tablescape’ With What You’ve Got

Don’t worry about the perfect Pinterest worthy table, work with what you’ve got – you will certainly amaze yourself and maybe even start a new family tradition. Grab your dishes, cutlery, napkins, and tablecloth and go wild from there. Get your kids involved by finding pinecones they can paint, or if you are feeling crafty yourself find some pretty branches on a walk that you can spray paint gold. Some twinkle lights or candles set the mood and your table speaks with personality and you worked with what you’ve got. We love this idea from blogger A Pretty Fix.

Simple Fall Pinecone Bowl Decor

2) Grab a Chair, Any Chair

We’ve talked before about our love of the ‘accent’ chair and entertaining is really where these bad boys come in handy and make entertaining for a crowd easy-peasy. Go around the house and gather up all your unique accent chairs and use them in the living room for a lap only dinner party or around the dining room table for an eclectic (and practical!) seating solution. Reserve your armchairs for ‘heads’ of the table where you have a bit more room.

Check out our post How To Mix and Match Dining Room Chairs.

3) Extend It!

There are so many amazing table extension options out there today. When a table can go from seating six to sixteen I call that entertaining with ease. A small round table, perfect for your everyday family needs, can now become awesomely oblong and welcome extended family. Some tables now feature simple storage for their extensions, making this even easier!

Extended dining table

4) Take a Seat

Take a seat at the table after you’ve got it all gussied up. Can you see clearly across the table? Do you have enough room for water pitchers or wine bottles? Do you have everything each seat needs within easy reach (cutlery, napkin, glasses)?

5) Surrender to the Mayhem

Know that no matter what you do, no matter how perfect the table is, or how delicious the food is, there will be spills. There may be tears, but there will most certainly be laughter. Embrace the chaos of hosting during the long Fall and Winter months and know it will be summer again soon and the mess can land on the lawn once again.

Buying a new dining room table set before company comes? Check out our post on things to consider when buying a new dining room set 6 Things to Consider When Buying a Dining Room Set.

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert

4 Ways to Stay Cool with a Sealy Mattress

4 Ways to Stay Cool with a Sealy Mattress (2)

There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep when you are sweating and stuck to your sheets, rolling around and tossing and turning through a way-too-hot summer night.

You aren’t alone: Summer nights – while a catchy song – can make for some of the worst sleep of the year. And the hotter it gets, the worse it can be to find some comfort and fall asleep.

Don’t toss in that sweat-soaked towel, however. We’re here to help you find that cool, comforting sleep you want, even when it’s ten thousand billion degrees out. Here are four ways to beat that heat and stay cool with your Sealy mattress.

Some Basics

Before you start looking at advanced sleep solutions, there are some basics you should sure to check off your list first. Are you using light, breathable summer sheets? Ditch your heavy winter comforters and throws, you won’t be needing them for a few months. At least.

Have you tried using a fan? Some people find the ambient noise soothing, so that can help promote sleep while also creating some air circulation. Air conditioning, opening a window, or other methods to cool down your whole room can also go a long way, but assuming these solutions haven’t helped, let’s look at a few other things you can try.

4 Ways to Stay Cool with a Sealy Mattress (2)

Shower Yourself With Cold

There are two types of people in the world: Those who shower in the morning, and those who shower at night.

But, if the heat of summer is dragging you down, you might want to try cooling your body before you get into bed. One study showed that a cold shower helped people fall asleep faster and have better sleep. Just make sure to dry off well, as you don’t want to bring any extra moisture with you into an already humid bedroom.

Cooler Heads Prevail

If you are looking for other ways to stay cool, perhaps you should start thinking less about your bed and focus more on your head. More specifically, what you are resting your head on every night.

What types of pillows are you using? Have you tried a Sealy pillow with cooling technology? These pillows wick away moisture, which helps keep you cooler. And when you are fighting away summer heat, every little bit helps.

Perfectly Cool

Sometimes when you have a problem, you need a solution that was perfectly formulated to attack that problem. Something created with that exact problem in mind, and ready with a spear of solution that was sharpened specifically for whatever the problem is.

In this case, the problem is sleeping too hot. And your perfect spear of solution is Sealy mattresses. Sealy has mattresses that were engineered to help people who sleep too hot or too cold, as well as to address other common sleep problems. You’ll never be uncomfortable when you have a Sealy mattress to rest on.

Sealy offers innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid options, meaning no matter what you prefer to sleep on, Sealy has you covered.

Gerry, Your Sleep Expert

How Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Diet and How Beautyrest Helps

How Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Diet and How Beautyrest Helps

There are a lot of factors that go into getting a good night’s rest. Room temperature, how comfortable your mattress is, lighting, stress, and how many times your partner kicks you in the night, can all have detrimental effects on the quality of a person’s sleep.

What you might not know, however, is that lack of sleep isn’t just making you tired, it is hurting other areas of your health. Of course, getting a Beautyrest mattress is one way to help improve the Zzz’s you are getting every night, and the positive effects of improving your sleep will ripple throughout your life and improve your overall health. But if you aren’t sleeping well, here are some ways that lack of sleep can be ruining your health.


Without getting too medical textbooks and Dr. Oz about things, there are two hormones in the body that help control appetite and satiety. Ghrelin is what makes you hungry, while leptin makes you stop eating when you are full. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, the levels of these hormones can change. Womp womp.

So, while it may seem like not a big deal that you keep staying up until the wee hours of the night, it actually is changing your body chemistry, and not in a good way. Think about that the next time you are debating between staying up for a few more hours of Netflix or finally settling in for some shut-eye.

Sugar Rush

We’ve all been there: Sometimes you just don’t get enough sleep and even though you’ve already had enough coffee to cause a normal person to break out into the shakes, your eyes are still heavy. What are most people probably going to turn to next?

Sugar. Sweet, delicious candy bars. Delectable gumdrops. Enough cotton candy that even Willy Wonka would shake his head in disgust.

And what does the research say? If you aren’t getting enough sleep, you may crave more high-calorie foods. And that’s going to put a nasty dent in your diet plans, that’s for sure.

Pushing Off the Physical

There’s only so much one person can get done in a day, and if you are tired, that amount is going to drastically go down. If you are dragging throughout the day, you probably aren’t going to waste the time – or energy – to stop by the gym on the way home.

Nobody likes working out when they are tired, but again, it all starts to add up: If you are sleeping less and less and keep passing up going to the gym or going out for a hike or walk, it’s going to be harder and harder to keep up those healthy habits.

How Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Diet and How Beautyrest Helps

Cycle O’ Caffeine

It’s no secret – especially for those in the workplace – just how prevalent caffeine is in our culture. But caffeine can start to build a vicious cycle. The more caffeine you drink, the harder it is going to be for you to fall asleep at night … which means you are going to be tired the next day and keep craving that sweet, sweet hit of caffeine.

Moderation is key. Except for sleep: Make sure you are getting enough, and try to get that diet train back on track to destination healthy station. And remember, getting a new Beautyrest mattress is one way to make sure that you get the sleep you need, and you’ll start to see the health benefits in no time!

Gerry, Your Sleep Expert

Preserve Fruits and Veggies Better in a Samsung Refrigerator

Preserve Fruits and Veggies Better in a Samsung Fridge

Keeping fruit and vegetables in ripe condition after a couple of days seems like an almost impossible feat. The moment you leave the store, the fruits already seem like they’ve aged. So, doing your part to preserve produce properly will help you keep them delicious for longer, and hopefully, you’ll never need to waste any ever again.

With the assistance of a Samsung Refrigerator and its extra-large capacity (some have enough room to fit up to 28 bags of groceries), you’ll find that storing your fruits and vegetables for more than a week won’t leave you with a mouldy problem.

Follow these guidelines to help preserve your fruits and vegetables like a pro in your awe-inspiring Samsung Refrigerator.

Separate the fruits and veggies

Fruits and veggies may mix together well for a diet, but when it comes to them being in the same drawer, they couldn’t be worse for each other. As fruits slowly age, they give off an ethylene gas which helps them ripen but ultimately makes vegetables spoil quickly. So, whatever you do, separate your fruits and vegetables into different drawers in your Samsung Refrigerator.

Let Them Have Space

After a big grocery trip, it’s easy to just shove everything in the refrigerator and call it a day. But your healthy treats need space in order to last a while, so storing them without a strategy could cause them to rot rather quickly.

On a positive note, most Samsung refrigerators are built with an immense amount of space, so finding room for all your vegetables and fruit shouldn’t be an issue.

As long as you do the following with your produce before storing, you should be fine:

  • Remove any ties and rubber bands
  • Cut leafy ends off
  • Allow for a good airflow by poking holes in bags
  • No need to refrigerate your tomatoes

Preserve Fruits and Veggies Better in a Samsung Fridge (2)

Use Its Advanced Technology

Refrigeration has evolved so that your fruits and vegetables can stay cooler and fresher for longer. With Samsung’s advanced technology, your food will stay fresh for twice as long. Because there is 70 percent humidity in these fridges, opposed to 30 percent in a conventional fridge, your food will never dry out. Produce will look so good that after a couple days, you won’t even be able to tell how long they’ve been sitting in your fridge.

Humidity Controlled Crisper Drawers

For those fruits and veggies that need extra attention, find a Samsung refrigerator with Humidity Controlled Crisper Drawers. The compartments will help keep your produce crisp and fresh while providing a generous amount of space for all your greens and goodies.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your produce in good condition for more than a couple days, look no further than Samsung refrigerators. They have the capacity, the storage setup, and the advanced technology to prevent your produce from going bad. Come by our store to see which Samsung fridge will fit into your home and your lifestyle.

Amanda, Your Appliance Expert

6 Unexpected Items You Can and Can’t Wash in a Whirlpool Laundry Machine

6 Unexpected Items You Can and Can't Wash in a Whirlpool Laundry Machine

You’ve been washing clothes your whole life. Deep down inside, you probably think of yourself as a washing warrior, and that you long ago mastered the secret art of what you can – and cannot – put in the washer.

Well, guess again. We bet that there are some things on this list that will surprise even the most hardened laundry veteran. Sure, everybody knows bras and bathing suits can’t go in the wash, but here’s a list of a few more unexpected items that you either can – or really, really can’t– put in a Whirlpool washer.

Do: Mop Heads

Just because mops handle cleaning on their own, doesn’t mean that you can’t give them a little break and clean them, too. Double-check the mop head just to be sure, but most removable mop heads can be thrown in the wash, and that way they can live on to clean another day.

Don’t: Flammable stains

Unless you are trying to turn your washer and dryer into a Canada Day fireworks celebration, flammable stains should be kept out of them. That means things like paint thinner, gasoline, motor oil, cooking oil, and alcohol are all out. Again, unless you really want to launch your Whirlpool washing machine into outer space.

Don't put flammable stains in your laundry machine

Do: Oven Mitts

Oven mitts can easily become prime territory for caked-on, hard-to-clean stains. Lasagna, pizza, and most foods you pull out of the oven seem to be made to spill, and going in and out of the heat of the oven means those stains quickly become annoying to clean.

Don’t do it by hand! Throw those mitts in the washer, and let the Whirlpool laundry machine handle the hard work.

Don’t: Coins

That jingle-jangle noise you hear when you are moving your giant pile of clothes from the hamper to the washing machine? It’s not the pitter-patter of reindeer on the roof. That’s the noise of little armies of pain that are about to descend on your poor washing machine.

You always want to make sure to go through your pockets for any loose change – or gum or other stray products for that matter – before putting clothes in the washer. Coins can mess up your washing machine, and you’ll have to save a whole lot of pennies to go out and buy a new one. Keep a little coin jar by the laundry, and treat yourself to some coffee after a few months, instead.

Washing Yoga Mats

Do: Yoga Mats

After you’ve finished your daily downward facing dog and frequent frog pose, don’t just roll up your yoga mat. You could be tightly rolling it up with all the sweat and perspiration from your workout still in there, and if you use your mat frequently, there’s no reason to leave it with all those nasty germs that could easily be knocked out in a quick wash.

Again, you’ll just want to double-check to make sure, but most yoga mats are A-OK to put in the washer.

Don’t: Car keys

Batteries + washer = bad idea. You always want to make sure to check your pockets – yes, all pockets on each item of clothing – before throwing a load in the wash, just to make sure that you didn’t leave anything in there that could damage other clothes, or the Whirlpool washer itself.

As for keys, any remote or anything attached to them that have batteries are already a bad idea, but the keys could also pinch, puncture, poke, or otherwise destroy other articles of clothing. Check your pockets twice, if you have to.

Amanda, Your Appliance Expert

4 Questions to Ask When Buying a New Maytag Washer

4 Questions to Ask When Buying a New Maytag Washer (2)

Have you ever bought something from a store thinking you got EXACTLY what you needed only to realize too late that it was not at all what you were looking for? That happens way too often, and the best solution to prevent that from happening is to ask the store and product specialists lots of questions.

So, when you are in the midst of buying a new Maytag washer, don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you want to help you make the correct decision. It’s your money and your time on the line, so always make sure you know what you’re buying before making a final purchase.

Always remember, we specialized in appliances to answer these questions with precision and accuracy, and are always happy to help.

Here are a few questions we thought would be important to have the answers to before choosing which Maytag Washer is right for you:

1) Should I get a front-load or top-load washing machine?

The answer to this question isn’t simple. It depends on your personal preferences, home size, family size, and more. If you have a small space, getting a front-load washing machine would be perfect for stacking with a dryer and saving room in your home.

Front-load washers are also good for saving water and energy. An average wash cycle contains about 21 gallons of water in a front-load washer, while top-load washers use about 25 gallons.

If you have a large family, you must consider how many loads you’ll be washing in the long run.

If you tend to not have as much time on your hands, Maytag top-load washers are significantly faster than front-load washers and even allow you to stop the cycle to add clothes.

Figure out which one will go best with your lifestyle to come up with an answer. Again, let us know your circumstances and we will be able to give you our opinions on what will work best for your home!

4 Questions to Ask When Buying a New Maytag Washer

2) What features will make my life easiest?

Knowing and understanding what your Maytag washer is capable of is important for obvious reasons. The features are there for you to take advantage of, but if you don’t even know what they do, how can you make the most of them? Visit our store and speak to a sales associate about what features you’re interested in. The more you know, the more fulfilling your washing experience will be.

On the other hand, if you get a washer with way too many features that you don’t ever plan to use, there’s no point in overcomplicating your life with that. Find out what you need out of a washing machine and if the one you want can handle it.

3) Is this washer energy efficient?

Getting a washer that’s energy efficient will both beneficial to you and the environment. You’ll eventually save more money in the long run with an eco-friendly washer. Ask this question if you’re interested in being energy and water efficient with your next washer – and maybe even in saving yourself a little money every year.

How much does a washer cost

4) How much?

It would be awful to pick out a specific Maytag washer and dryer if it wasn’t in your budget to buy them. The next time you’re in our store looking for a washing machine, let your sales associate know what your budget is. This way, they’ll show you what options are available to you but still in your price range.

Remember to always ask questions when you’re out shopping for a new product. The more you know, the better you can choose what’s best for you, and the happier you’ll be. Stop by our store and let us help you through this process, we look forward to your questions!

Amanda, Your Appliance Expert

How Aging Affects Your Sleep Patterns

How Aging Affects Your Sleep Patterns

As a teenager, you could sleep through gale force winds, earthquake tremors and jackhammers. What happened to that “I can sleep anywhere at the drop of a dime”?

“Youth is wasted on the young” is an old saying probably shouted out by a retired person with lots of time on their hands but suffers from aches, pains, and sleepless nights! Although everyone’s sleep needs are different and may change with age, The National Sleep Foundation states that “It is a common misconception that sleep needs decline with age.” For the average 40-year-old, the metabolism begins to slow down, wear and tear on joints becomes an issue, as does a disruptive sleep pattern. Without adequate sleep, at any age, we will experience moodiness, irritability, some degree of memory loss, just to name a few

Studies show that people aged 65 and older have one or more complaints about their quality of sleep. Many will struggle with body pains which prevent a deep sleep, and some toss and turn due to the medications that they are prescribed. Others just get by with a couple of hours of sleep when they were used to so much more.

What are the real disruptors of sleep in older people?

1) Retiring From a Long Career

Retiring From a Long Career

How exciting to have all this time on your hands to enjoy life to the fullest. It’s not always an easy transition, however, if you have always worked consistently over a long period of time and now find yourself free as a bird!

The first thing you do is throw out the alarm that woke you at the crack of dawn every day. You may sleep late and get to bed late into the night. This might be great for the first few weeks or so but getting back into a routine is essential to reset your internal clock and get enough hours of sleep to enjoy your day.

2) Naps

Although naps can be restorative and will offer a boost of energy when you need it, as an older person, you will be needing a nap because you just don’t get much sleep at night. This begins a cycle that will be tough to break. Keeping naps under 20 minutes would be ideal, and earlier in the day so afternoon and evening activities can tire the body and encourage sleep.

3) Illness and Inactivity

Illness and Inactivity

There is nothing more discouraging when you are keen to get things done but illness, injury, and pain prevent you from moving around. Certain conditions like menopause, Alzheimer’s and arthritis already disrupt sleep so when you add inactivity, the body is not burning any energy and sleeplessness sets in.

Movement is important to the body which ultimately affects the well-being of your mind. Grab a friend or a neighbour for daily walks and stretches that will encourage not only proper blood flow and oxygen intake but are great for staying focused and sharp. Joining a gym is a great alternative.

4) Psychological and Emotional Stress

As we age we deal with life issues with less patience and acceptance, and the results include stress and sleeplessness. Life changes like losing a loved one, illness, selling the family home are the most common stressors as we get older.

Constantly worrying about things that are out of our control is the new normal. This creates a cycle of distress that will literally keep us up at night. Finding an outlet to release stressors is essential for everyone. As we age, however, fears, frustrations and worries are more difficult to manage. Getting support from family and friends to help release the stresses that weigh us down and keep us from enjoying the best sleep is a great remedy. Also, joining a group for fun activities and socializing will help with stress and encourage restful sleep.

Gerry, Your Sleep Expert

3 Dining Table Trends to Fall in Love With

Canadel Loft Collection (Large)
Source: Canadel

It is often said that ‘there is no better moment than the present’, and when it comes to choices in dining tables it couldn’t be truer. If you have outgrown your big box store table, or need the perfect table for your new forever home there couldn’t be a better time to invest in a quality dining room table.

Why? There is more choice in ALL THINGS dining table than ever before. So much choice (style, materials, colour, shape, the list goes on!) can make it a bit overwhelming, so we’re looking at what’s trending to help you focus on the table of choice for your home.

Trend #1: Mix It Up

Just like mixing up your dining room chairs, we’re seeing lots of great choices for mixing materials in dining room tables. Imagine a beautiful harvest wood table top with sleek metal legs, or marble table top on a polished wood pedestal …all great ways to add personality, functionality, and style to your unique dining room.

Canadel Eastside Collection (Large)
Source: BrandSource Canada

Amisco Dining Room Set
Source: BrandSource Canada

Trend #2: Think Outside the ‘Box’

There is a reason most vintage tablecloths are the same size…tables have been rectangular for generations. It makes sense, most of the time that is. Today, however, we use our dining rooms differently, so it makes sense to change up the shape and think outside the box.

We’re seeing oval and round tables more and more, including some wonderful options with inserts and extension leaves to accommodate more than 4-6 on those rare occasions.

Mix and match dining room set
Source: Leanne Ford

Canadel Downtown Collection
Source: Canadel

Trend #3: Making It Your Own

No two homes or families are the same, so having a cookie cutter dining room is no longer the ‘normal’ choice. We’re seeing people redefine what the dining room is and how they use it. We’re seeing more people getting a table top that works for homework and crafting, or going glam and using their best china for every meal – bold choices in both directions and everything in between.

The dining room table should encourage gathering, it should make you want to sit and write on your computer, or eat with friends, or make memories with your kids, or do whatever needs doing.

Source: Houzz
Source: Houzz

The perfect dining room table meets your needs and fits your space, but does so much more. With the amount of choice and opportunities to customize (like Canadel and Amisco offers) in today’s marketplace, there really has never been a better time to choose your perfect dining room table.

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert