Why a Mattress Cover is Needed on Your Bed

Why a Mattress Cover is Needed on Your Bed

You may be baffled at the idea of a mattress cover because aren’t the sheets supposed to protect the bed? You don’t plan on bringing any drinks or food into the bed, and you’re positive you won’t pee yourself by accident, so why is it necessary? While a mattress protector would save you in those specific situations, its use is needed for more than just those reasons. If you want your bed to stand a chance against the test of time, a mattress cover is just what you need.

Check out these reasons why purchasing one of these protectors is the way to go.

It Feels Nonexistent

Rumour has it, mattress covers feel and sound like laying across a thick papery pile. The truth is, you basically can’t even feel it. The mattress protector wraps over the mattress but you still put a fitted sheet over that so it has very little impact on comfort. Luckily, it’s quiet so you’ll never be woken up in the middle of the night due to the sound of rustling paper. The only problem? It might be too quiet! Don’t forget about it because it still needs to be washed from time to time.

It Prevents Allergy Outbreaks

If you have pets that you allow on the bed, getting a mattress cover could help prevent your allergies from going berserk. Pets carry all kinds of things that flare up allergies, but they aren’t the only things you need to worry about awaking your allergies – dust mites will also give you the sneezes. If you don’t use a mattress protector, these dust mites could affect your lungs causing you to wheeze and have shortness of breath. Luckily, with a cover, you have the ability to wash it here and there so dust mites and other allergens never stick around for too long.

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It Keeps Your Mattress Clean

Simply using sheets isn’t enough to keep your mattress clean. While they do help, sweat and other bodily fluids tend to seep through the sheets and into your mattress bed. Once those bodily fluids make their way into the mattress (especially if it’s memory foam) cleaning it off is almost impossible. A spill here or a little accident there could mess with your bed’s material and break it down quicker. The messes even tend to attract creepy crawlies to your bed. It’s true – bed bugs and even roaches like to eat dead skin, which your body is constantly getting rid of. Luckily, a mattress protector will continue to keep your mattress clean and in pristine condition so you won’t be worrying about bugs in the night.

As you can tell, mattress protectors are mattress savers. They’re arguably the most important accessory for your mattress because they will keep it in better condition for longer than a mattress without a protector. It’s there to ensure your bed is rid of germs so you stay in good health. Visit your local mattress store to pick up a mattress protector and overall increase your bed lifespan.

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