Get Creative by Adding Signature Design Statement Pieces to Your Home

Statement piece by Signature Design by Ashley (Large)

Home is where the heart is, so it only makes sense that your house should be filled with furniture you love and designs you find aesthetically pleasing. Just because neutral colours are trendy for walls and couches, that doesn’t mean you need to jump on the beige train in your home.

It’s YOUR home, so it should shine with the colours and designs that YOU love.

While there are many ways to make your home stand out, one creative alternative from the norm could be adding bold Signature Design by Ashley statement pieces throughout your space. By doing so, your house becomes less of a suburban dwelling and more of an art exhibit. Not the boring ones where you don’t understand anything, but the ones that keep you coming back for more.

If that’s the ideal kind of nest you desire to have, here are 4 tips to spruce up your home’s interior with eclectic statement pieces:

1. One is enough

“If everything is special then nothing is special.” – Reagan Hayes, furniture and interior designer

A statement piece could be anything from an emerald green accent armchair to an extravagantly and elegantly carved wooden coffee table. Statement pieces are made to stand out, and if there’s a variety of flamboyant furniture in one room the novelty may wear off rather quickly.

Choose no more than two or three statement pieces for a room to keep it from getting overwhelmingly kitschy. Unsure what Signature Design by Ashley statement piece fits your space best? Our sales associates are ready and happy to help you make the best decision possible.

A8010159 (Large)

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Patterns

Some people may try to steer clear of patterns on their couches and other furniture – but we want you to embrace them! Even if you failed geometry, don’t let a few geometric patterns scare you off. They can really add an original flair to any room. If you have a room with not much going on, including a sofa with a geometric or other pattern can really make it pop.

Making a decor pop with patterns

3. Let Colour Into Your Life

Just like we said with using patterns, don’t be afraid to accept vibrantly coloured statement pieces into your life, as well! A little burst of pigment never hurts – especially if the room is a dull and neutral hue. Wake up your room with a striking red console table that will ignite your passion for your home every time you see it. Brighten your space up with a sky-blue chair that lifts your spirit every time you’re near it. Colour can change your mood, so work with it to design a space that makes you happy.

50501Set - Adding colour with Signature Design by Ashley

4. It Doesn’t Have to Be Huge

When you think of a statement piece, do you think of a massive hunk of junk taking up space in your home? Before you decide you don’t have enough room to fit such a large item, you should know that statement pieces come in all shapes and sizes. Something as small as an embellished table lamp could be the only statement you need to make. No need to go crazy with size – as long as it’s noticeable, then you’re set.

Interested in adding a captivating piece of furniture from Signature Design by Ashley to your home? Visit us at today choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and more.

Alex, Your Furniture Expert

How to Play with Fabrics and Patterns on Upholstered Furniture

Fabulous fabrics and perfect patterns How to Elevate your Upholstered Furniture
Source: Malcom Duffin Design

Why be boring. When it comes to creating a unique sense of style and character for your home that is all your own one very easy way is by customizing your upholstered furniture. A simple swap with fabulous fabrics can elevate a room and ensure your home is never boring (and totally you!).

Some small projects, like an ottoman, or the cushions on your barstools or dining room chairs are simple enough you can do them yourself or bring in a professional if you’re unsure. Here are some great examples of how a simple swap of fabric can make all the difference to a space or a room.

We’ve talked before about awesome accent chairs can be, and one of the MANY reasons we love them is the opportunity they provide to pick a bold fabric, either in colour, pattern or both!

This luxe leopard print chair is an awesome accent and great way to introduce a little funky without going cat crazy.

Source: Houzz

This bench and the chairs in a different fabric really make for a special place to enjoy a meal or cup of tea with family and friends.

Source: Houzz

These elegant dining room chairs have a distinct bold fabric that brings your eye right to them. They scream for attention and are a great addition to the room.

Source: Houzz

This room has a great combination of fun chairs and awesome ottoman.

Source: Houzz

This bold ottoman and striped chair offer up some great contrast and interest to the room.

Source: Houzz

Bigger furniture items like sofas or pairs of chairs are definitely best left for the professionals. When you invest in quality items splurging for a fresh fabric update and fluffing up of the cushions every decade or so is always worth it.

Here are some great examples of fresh furniture makeovers using fabric. You’ll note the opportunity to mix and match patterns and colours really shines when you decide to go big and update larger items.

These bold blue wing chairs are a stunning statement in this living room.

Source: Houzz

With colour everywhere, this room has a big impact. It is also a great example of how you can combine fabrics in multiple patterns and textures in the same colour family to create harmony. The pop of pink is perfect!

Source: Houzz

Very traditional, but very beautiful: this combination of fabrics and use of blue creates the sense of an English country manor home.

Source: Houzz

Also traditional, but GREAT use of fabrics in this lovely living room.

Source: Houzz

This small space packs a BIG punch with style. Both the living room furniture and the dining room chairs offer up fab fabrics and great punches of colour.

Source: Houzz

Inspired to be bold and freshen up your fabrics? We hope so!

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert

10 Elements That Create the Modern Farmhouse Style in a Home

10 Elements That Create the Modern Farmhouse Style in Your Home (Large)

From the covers of House & Home to the small screen sensation “Fixer Upper,” people just can’t get enough of the modern farmhouse design for homes. But why is the modern farmhouse style so wildly popular?

It’s because of the feeling the look creates.
It’s more than just the design.
It’s casual and easy.
It’s not excessive or overdone.
It’s the combination of old-fashioned looks with modern touches.

While there is no distinct guide as to what makes a house farm style, we have put together our ten elements that can help you give any home that farmhouse-style feel.

Shiplap Walls

Entrée avec murs en shiplap

Source: Lisa Furey Interiors

If you have ever seen an episode of Fixer Upper you know this element comes without saying. It’s Joanna Gaines’ favourite way to make an otherwise boring space go from ordinary to extraordinary. Its distinct look can make any wall look upscale yet old-fashioned. The best part about it is that it is pretty cheap to recreate in your own home. There are several DIY guides to walk you through step-by-step to ensure you can easily complete that farmhouse-style look.

Wide Plank Floors

The flooring you choose in your home is an important decision, especially when you’re going for the modern farmhouse look. Wide plank flooring, in particular rustic wood floors, is a perfect choice to round-out the farmhouse look you’re trying to achieve. Since most modern farmhouse-style homes boast open, expansive floor plans the larger planks will fit the scale of the room much better than if you were to go with narrow planks of oak or marble tiles.

Interior Barn Doors

Barn door modern farmhouse style

Source: Hooked on Houses

Sliding barn doors are no longer just for keeping animals inside the barn. They are a popular accent that can make an interior space really stand out. Within the modern farmhouse design, sliding barn doors can be used in place of any interior door to separate and define spaces and can be used as closet doors, cover up bookshelves, storage spaces and media/technology units when not in use.

Shaker-Style Kitchen Cabinets

Shaker style kitchen cabinets

Source: Lisa Furey Interiors

Shaker-style cabinets are perfect for the farmhouse-style kitchen because of their uniquely simple yet attractive features. Painted white, light blue or sage green, and paired with basic hardware, shaker-style kitchen cabinets are the perfect finish to bring your whole farmhouse-style kitchen together.

Farmhouse Sink

The farmhouse sink goes back to the time when sinks were used for cooking, canning, and washing babies. And let’s be real, who doesn’t want to go back to those times? I know I do. Farmhouse sinks are big and open, and oftentimes they have an “apron”. They’re simple, they’re beautiful and their quality is often unmatched.

Metal Elements

Source: Houzz
Adding accents to your farmhouse home is where personality and personal style can really shine through into a farmhouse living space. Adding metal accents such as iron, galvanized steel and wire elements in a way that reflect today’s trends and vintage styling can be fun. Bed frames, baskets, stools, wall art and even bookshelves are easy ways to reflect this metallic style in your own way.

Mix and Match of Rustic and Industrial Furniture

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

Source: HGTV

One of the great things about designing a home with a modern farmhouse design is the flexibility to infuse each room with a variety of accents and furniture from two main styles, rustic and industrial. You can have a sleek leather sofa paired with soft knitted pillows or a light fabric sectional with some dark metallic pillows. Almost anything goes with this laid-back modern farmhouse style, no matter what room you’re trying to style. Just remember less is more in most cases.

Natural Textiles

A modern farmhouse room embraces cozy sofas, plump pillows and natural textiles. Worn wood with gorgeous deep grains and grooves, wall art with eye-catching vintage florals, imperfect clear glass and vases, jute and burlap weaved baskets and soft cotton throw blankets are all good opportunities to capture the modern farmhouse look.

Neutral Palette With Dark Accents

Source: Houzz
Traditional farmhouses were built quickly and efficiently. Farmers wanted to focus on their work so they avoided spending a lot of time and money on their homes. Instead of splurging for coloured paints and wallpapers, natural or whitewashed wood was used for cost purposed and the speed it took to apply it.

In order to keep with this tradition, modern farmhouse-style homes tend to be light with white or off-white colour that nicely complements the hardwood floors. Feel free to use colours that you personally enjoy, however, try to keep them close to the overall farmhouse colour scheme of neutral or light colours.

Animal Accents

Modern Farmhouse Living Room

Source: BrandSource Canada

Accents and accessories are absolutely essential to complete this look, but under no circumstances should you try to fit in too many. A well placed oversized print of a farm animal, in pastel or black and white, small wooden animal statues placed next to some greenery on a shelf are all popular and acceptable choices for farmhouse decor. A variety of textures including light-coloured furs and wool mixed with metals and woods will surely give your farmhouse design some depth.

Now it’s your turn! Take these ten essential elements of a modern farmhouse and run with them! Let your creativity get the best of you while incorporating new and old touches to every room in your house. Each room is unique and we suggest you start with the room you and your family spend the most time in, so that you may enjoy the longest.

Most people choose to do their living rooms or kitchens first. Living Rooms are simple because you can generally do most of the work yourself. Throw in some light-coloured paint, replace factory light fixtures with industrial ones and while you’re at it, shiplap that wall your fireplace sits upon. When you start to feel overwhelmed and need a little inspiration just browse through our website and let our sofa and sectional collection inspire your imagination for your farmhouse living area. We’re here to help bring your ideas to life, let us help you choose your next piece of farmhouse furniture.

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert

Where to Splurge and Where to Save: In Kids’ rooms

Where to Splurge and Where to Save In Kids’ rooms

Source: Smart Stuff by Universal

One thing is for certain when it comes to kids and kid’s rooms; their needs and wants change and grow with them. When it comes to pulling together a room that will grow WITH your child, we’ve got another edition of Splurge VS. Save: Kids Room.

This time our focus is on a room that works for now and for the future, allowing you to spend your décor dollars wisely and invest in quality pieces you hope they take with them when they finally leave the nest (so you can finally have the guest room of your dreams…am I right!?).

Where to Splurge

Bed Frame

When they’re five you’ll spend hours with ‘one last story’ hoping for sleep…when they’re teens you’ll wonder if they will ever leave their bed. The one common element in both scenarios is the need for a great bed. Once you get beyond the crib/toddler-sized bed, investing in a quality single or full sized bed can never do harm.

A quality bed frame can take the hard knocks of life and it can easily be repainted to suit growing tastes and styles. A smart single with a trundle underneath or double (or queen) bed is great for sleepovers but also work for a teen. A batman bed doesn’t do that…no offence to Batman, of course.

This grown-up girl’s room (below) is a great example of how a bed can age up with the child.

Source: Houzz

Functional Storage

From under bed storage to a very organized closet system, functional storage makes kids’ rooms a little less of a headache for all involved. Storage under the bed can go from toys to a collection of teen’s toiletries, closets can go from princess dresses to distressed denim, but all the while they will be organized – or at least, the potential is there!

Giving kids space to grow means having spaces for things to go. A great bookcase just might take them from goodnight moon to their very first apartment!

Source: Houzz

Where to Save


One minute they want a Minion, the next a pop icon…we all remember covering our walls in posters and blue mac-tac and kids today are no different. Skip splurging on art for the kid’s room and instead try a cheap Pinterest project, or put up a large cork board so they can proudly display school projects or art of their own.

Let the walls of their room be a place they can express themselves. Don’t worry, you can always paint those walls fresh white when they leave for university.

Source: Houzz


Just like art, you can change up your accessories based on life stages. Rather than cram a room with accessories they don’t need, how about turning the dollhouse into a feature display AND play? Let toys, games, and other life stages dictate the little décor touches. Because you’ve invested in great storage and quality beds, this is where you can really let the age of your child shine.

Source: Houzz

We hope these tips help your kid’s rooms grow with them, rather than growing tired and outdated.

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert

Where to Splurge and where to Save: In the Hallway

Where to Splurge and where to Save In the Hallway

Hallways can and should be ‘way’ more than just a ‘way’ to get from room to room, they too should be a space you decorate and enjoy with purpose. It’s almost like we could rename hallways to something much more descriptive like the ‘connecting room’ or ‘connecting alleys’ because they really do so much more. We can use our hall spaces to the max by making them a multi-functional space for display, storage, living, and yes…walking from room to room.

With that in mind, it’s time for another edition of Splurge VS. Save: Hallways.

Where to Splurge


Hallways and main corridors in your home take a big beating. They get banged up and roughed around by bags, toys, dogs, laundry baskets, and so much more. Your hallway deserves a fine finish. Invest in beautiful high-quality baseboards and trim, paint and wallpaper, and little details like light switches & fixtures. Not only will your hallway ‘wear’ longer, but it will look fabulous doing it.

Great finishes in the hallway

Functional Storage

The beauty of hallways is they are pretty much next to all your other rooms. This means you can make the hallway spaces an extension of those rooms and create a multi-functional space with very well thought out storage and display spaces. Have lots of shoes or books? Investing in sleek shoe or book storage can make the hallway work it like a runway.

This condo hallway is now an office thanks to some seriously functional storage and thinking outside the ‘hall’.

Source: Houzz

Where to Save


Have lots of treasured family photos? A large arrangement of big box store frames with family photos and picture rails can elevate your hallway to an art gallery. Framed memories like concert tickets, children’s art, and other DIYs make an inexpensive way to show personality without breaking the bank.

Source: Houzz

Or use a collection of old frames to create a neat and interesting space.

Source: Houzz


Just like art, you can change up your accessories based on seasons. Hallways make great places for seasonal décor like vintage skis in winter and old tennis rackets in the summer. Don’t break the bank on a breakable item you’ll be too scared to walk past when a vase of flowers and a collection of fun art or projects will do.

Source: Houzz

See what we mean? The hallway can be ‘WAY’ more and we hope you’re inspired.

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert

5 Ways to Keep Your Nightstand Clean and Tidy

5 Ways to Keep Your Nightstand Clean and Tidy

Clutter is distressing! What’s worse is clutter next to where your bed. Just when you have organized this space, non-essentials seem to appear magically while your eyes are shut! There is an interior design concept that states anything with a flat surface will accumulate clutter. There is also a principle that states that things will accumulate to fill the space available to it. Either way, junk and other things grow exponentially if we let them.

A nightstand should convey, to some degree, a space of rest and relaxation. A book, a candle, and a lamp are ideal for this space. So, why do we find an old crumpled receipt, stale candy, or last night’s crumb-filled dish? Distraction, laziness, or mental exhaustion are some reasons why we let things run amok, especially on our nightstands. Unlike any other space, your bedroom must promote restfulness and relaxation so here are some tips on how you can keep your nightstand functional, organized, and clutter-free.

Tip #1 Use Decorative Baskets

When you opt for a clear glass table with a couple of shelves, everything is visible, so you really need to keep that thing neat and tidy! Using decorative baskets with specific functions will keep things in their place. If you are reading a couple of books, designate a basket for that on a lower shelf while keeping the top shelf for a candle, a favourite picture and lamp only.

Tip #2 Drawers, Drawers, Drawers

Drawers, drawers, drawers. The best way to keep things away from view is to designate a drawer for them. Keeping the flat surface clear with minimal essentials, using the drawers for things such as books, candle accessories, extra bulbs for your lamp is the best way to keep things neat.

Tip #3 Trays Are Chic & Functional

Using a tray on top of your nightstand can be chic and functional. Include only small items including reading glasses, hand lotion, and perhaps a glass of water.

Keep you nightstand clean and tidy with trays

Source: chango & co.

Tip #4 Put It on a Shelf

If you are a true minimalist or have a small space, a decorative shelf hung on the wall on either side of your bed will keep things tidy. The least amount of surface space you have, the less will accumulate; remember the principle above! An adjustable lamp, a small painting leaning against the wall and just enough space for a book will serve the purpose.

Tip #5 Go Camouflage

If you need motivation to keep things tidy, then choose a nightstand that is the same colour as your wall! Anything you place on the surface will stand out so choose what you leave on it wisely. Choose a piece of furniture that can easily be painted over when you change up your wall colour.

If you’ve noticed, I never mentioned adding your devices on your nightstand. Not only is the vibrating, and blue light distracting but energetically it is not conducive to a good night’s sleep. I suggest that you create a designated area away from your bed to recharge your devices.

Additionally, interior designers are encouraging clients to focus on creativity as well as functionality. Bedroom sets are not as popular as they used to be. Clients are now inspired to focus on the best bed design while mixing and matching nightstands and dressers that suit their needs. Have fun, get creative and keep things tidy!

Angela, Your Sleep Expert

Outdoor Living (Rooms): Here to Stay!

Outdoor Living Rooms Here to Stay

No matter how short our Canadian summers are, one hot summer trend that isn’t going anywhere is the outdoor living room. No longer just a picnic table and uncomfortable folding chairs we pull from the spider-web shed, today’s outdoor living rooms are chic and functional.

Want to step up your outdoor decorating game this year? Here are the four essentials for any great Canadian outdoor living space.

1) Say ‘Welcome’ from the Outside

From a fresh spring welcome mat at the front door to a bright floral wreath, the quickest way to step up your outdoor décor game is to decorate your home from the outside in.

2) Comfortable, Convertible, and Ample Seating for Family and Friends

Patio tables and chairs, outdoor sofas, sectionals, and ottomans, are all great (and comfortable) ways to ensure you and your guests have a soft spot to land after some fun in the sun. With bright coloured cushions, umbrellas, and throws for cooler evenings make your yard just as cozy as your living room with plenty of pillows and places for quiet retreat.

3) Personal Touches like a DIY Side Table or Planters

We all want our spaces to be a reflection of who we are, so show your colours and add some personal touches to your outdoor space. Grab some spray paint and jazz up some planters or add some stripes to a side table/extra guest perch.

Canadian blogger Ariel added some great personal touches to her outdoor pillows and planters, such creativity!

Greenery on the patio

4) Greenery

Plants, grasses, and veggies galore! While the summer may be short, the ultimate celebration of summer is sipping a hard earned beverage outside (on your comfy outdoor sofa with bright cushions of course!) next to a small planter filled with herbs while looking at your garden growing.

If this summer is the summer your outdoor space is really going to shine, remember this: make it comfortable, make it yours, and you’ll make it memorable!

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert

Curb Appeal: Prettying Up Your Porch

Front Porch Curb Appeal

Spring is the perfect time to up your home’s curb appeal. Of course, there’s the usual round of yard work, repairs, and other necessary tasks that need to get done, but this year you can reward yourself (and your home!) by prettying up your porch.

A welcoming porch sets the tone for your guests before they even enter. We’ve rounded up our top three ways to make your porch pop this Spring.

1) Fresh Front Door

Make your entrance pop with a fresh coat of colour. Country Living magazine has their top 10 colour trends for doors, and boy are they bright! A cheerful statement for sure and one we don’t see slowing down any time soon.

Trying to find a colour that speaks to you? The DIY Network has 28 ideas for inviting doors.

2) A Porch Perch

If your front porch is big enough to accommodate a pair of comfortable outdoor chairs or small bench or sofa, make it happen. If you’ve never experienced the joy of reading on your porch watching the world go by, you won’t regret this discovery. Not only will you get to know your neighbourhood a little bit better, but you’ll also help your house say “come on in”. I mean, don’t you just want to meet the people who have these nice rockers on their porch? They seem like nice people.

3) It’s the Little Things

A fresh planter, fresh numbers on the house, a floral wreath, or vintage finds, small details make all the difference. Canadian blogger Laurie decorates her porch seasonally, adding personal touches and little details that make her porch uniquely welcoming.

The outdoor rug and small decorative birds make this porch pop.

Incredibly minimalist, yet the overflowing greenery from the planters is the small personal touch this porch needed to seem welcoming rather than cold.

This seaside-inspired porch would not have been complete without the seashells by the door.

We hope you’re inspired to make your porch pop this summer.

Alex, Your Furniture Expert

Barstools: Thinking Beyond the Bar

There are some rules you follow, like finding the perfect height for your bar stool, and some you can break, like where bar stools can go.

It’s time to think beyond the bar and get creative with this fun and functional décor item in your home. For lots of fun ways to use a bar stool beyond the bar, I turned to some talented bloggers to help gather some inspiration for you.

A Stool as a Bedside Table

We love this repurposed stool turned bedside table from blogger Alicia at She uses a black bar stool and some sisal to make a rustic and functional nightstand. Check out the full project here.

Stool as a Bedside Table
Source: Trifty & Chic

A Stool as a Plant Stand

Nothing gets lost in translation for this beautiful piano stool plant stand idea from Danish blogger Ronja at Nur Noch. The adjustable height of the piano stool makes this not only a versatile tool around the house, but allows you to adjust the plant in the sun too. Check out the full post here for more beautiful photos.

Stool as a Plant Stand

Source: Nur noch

Additional Bathroom Storage with a Stool

Cut the legs off a stool to shorten it or make your own mini stool for easy bathroom storage like blogger Sara from Sincerely Sara D did here.

Storage with a Stool

Source: Sincerely Sara D

Create Something

Don’t need your bar stools anymore? Why not turn them into something else by repurposing them, like this project incorporating two stools into a new desk. See the full How To here.

DIY desk with Stools

Source: Shanty 2 Chic

Has this inspired you to think beyond the bar for the humble bar stool? Now, it’s your turn to let your creative juices flow!

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert

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