5 Places to Set Up a Home Office in Your Living Space

5 Places to Set Up a Home Office in Your Living Space

You don’t need a full room to have a stylish and productive workspace. Here are 5 ways you can incorporate a small home office in your living or dining area.

1) Behind the Couch

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a home with a spacious, open floor plan, you can create an office space just about anywhere. If you have a seating area pushed off to one side of the room, placing a work desk behind your sofa is an excellent use of your space.

Add a comfortable desk chair and table lamp and you’ll have a personal workstation that’s tucked into your living area without looking cramped or feeling out of place. Besides, if you get sleepy while you’re hard at work, you can simply utilize the nearby couch for a quick power nap.

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2) Open Office Space

If you have a large living area and don’t need to worry about taking up space, carve out a specific area for a home office and let it be the focal point. It can be placed in front of a main wall or credenza, and this is a stylish and modern way to create a formal office space even if you don’t have the extra bedroom to convert into an office.

A large area rug is a nice touch to welcome a homely environment into your office space and delineate the workspace from the rest of your home.

3) Set Up a Mini Work Desk
Mini Work Desk by Signature Design

Much like taking your computer to Starbucks to work on your next blog article, a small area that’s dedicated to honest work is all you need.

If you’re pressed for space in your home, consider a mini work desk instead of a full-sized desk. It’s a great way to fill unused wall space without cluttering up the rest of your decor.

Tuck a small table in an unused corner where you can set up your laptop or get some quality reading done. It’s a great option for busy living spaces that have lots of people motioning in and out. The adults can get some work done while the children work close by or switch it up and make your desk a designated homework zone.

4) Line Up a Workstation

Setting up multiple desks along an open wall is a great way to establish a set workstation that can be used by the entire family. If you’re a family with kids, you’re already stuck helping with homework each night, so this is a useful way to utilize your space and give each person a specific homework area that won’t take up too much space in your home.

To keep up with the design aesthetic in your living space, consider a set of matching chairs and desks to make your home office feel like home. A more modern look and feel is much better than sitting at your desk at school!

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5) Optimize Shelving

Rather than rows of bookshelves stacked as high as the ceiling, opt for wall-mounted shelving to maintain storage while saving on floor space.

If you’re tight on space, there’s no need to turn your room into a full-blown office. A compact wall shelving unit can provide you just enough room to create a laptop workstation to get all your work done. If your workspace is smaller, it won’t feel as strict as going into the office downtown. That and your boss won’t show up at your house!

Pull up a chair and fill the shelves with plenty of books, files, and office supplies to create an organized workspace that is both stylish and functional.

If you’re looking for new furniture to use in your home office, visit our store today or shop our wide selection of Signature Design office furniture online. We have everything you need to create an efficient and stylish home workstation.

Alex, Your Furniture Expert

Furniture Ideas for Small Space Living

Furniture Ideas for Small Space Living

Downsizing, or choosing small space living for a more sustainable lifestyle is a great opportunity to use functional décor to maximize your space and your life. You don’t have to sacrifice your style just because you live in a small space. Whether it’s an apartment, condo, tiny home, or renovated 50’s bungalow; your space can still reflect your own style without looking cramped or cluttered

When it comes to thinking about your small space living it’s all about maximizing it; maximizing storage, functionality, and most importantly enjoyment.

Here are some tips to help you:

Small Space Living Tip #1: Look Inside

Adding storage to a sofa chaise, under a fabulous upholstered bedframe, built into a coat rack, and using storage ottomans concealing couch blankets and reading materials; all make small spaces ‘do’ more by making furniture do double duty. How can we forget baskets? Used for everything from mittens at the front door, to laundry, to plants; a basket (or ten) can help keep your space organized and clutter free.

Storage idea in hallway

Small Space Living Tip #2: Look Up

The best tip for maximizing small space living is to look up. Use your walls and get creative with how your space can offer you more by taking advantage of the vertical space. Shelving is a great way to add storage and display your favourite things. Look for tall shelving units with drawers at the bottom; or try adding some floating shelves above your sofa or above the tub.

Vertical storage idea for small space living

Small Space Living Tip #3: Look Under

Condo sofas, loveseats, and accent chairs all make for great small space living room furniture. To maximize them even more, look for furniture you can ‘look under’ with minimal legs and giving the pieces a sense of ‘floating’. Items with a mid-century modern feel work well for this.

Furniture for small space

Small Space Living Tip #4: Look Twice

A bar cart on wheels, the small space entertainers’ best friends. Used as a side table in the living room, a bar cart can easily be wheeled around the house for use during dinner parties and events. Cocktail tables with lift tops work well too. Look for furniture that makes you look at it twice, because it works two (or more) ways depending on your needs. What about a kitchen island on wheels? One minute it’s a kitchen island helping you chop and prep, the next it’s moved into a corner to serve as the self-serve taco station or bar during a dinner party.

Storage idea for small space living - bar cart

Small Space Living Tip #5: Look at Your Reflection

A great way to add the feeling of space to is to add mirrors. Tuck a floor length mirror into a corner to make the room pop, or add one to a cramped laundry room to add more light. Add a mirror on your open shelving or as a show stopping centre piece above the fireplace. Reflecting your space and the light helps your room feel larger and gives a feeling of airiness.

Use mirror to make a room look bigger

Find more tips and advice on furniture and home décor on our blog.

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert

2020 Top Four Home Décor Trends to Follow

2020 Top Four Home Décor Trends to Follow

The start of a New Year is a great time to recharge your body and revamp your home. The year 2020 has brought some inspiring home décor trends, and unlike where we thought we’d be in Back to the Future, these trends look to the use of bold colours, to nature, to functionality, and look to a sustainable future for our planet.

We’ve narrowed our list to our top four home décor and interior design trends that we’re seeing in 2020 with easy ways to incorporate them into your home. Your next dinner party will be a feast for the eyes as your guests enjoy all the small updates you’ve made to your home.

Our top four interior décor and design trends for 2020:

1. Bold Colours

Pantone Colour of the Year 2020 Classic Blue

Out is the all-white kitchen and in for 2020 (and we’ve seen this coming for a while) is bold use of colour in the kitchen. A classic, but on trend look is incorporating Pantone’s Colour of the Year “Blue Classic” into the lower cabinets, or painting the entire centre island this bold blue or any other colour, including black.

Bold use of colour is also appearing in fully wrapped powder rooms and laundry rooms, jammed with maximalist style from head to toe with bold and colourful floral wallpapers, eclectic artwork, and luxe lighting. The maximalist style brings together eclectically curated collections, bold use of colour and patterns, and weaves in fabric, textures, and layers to bring it all together. The maximalist style lets you celebrate your life, your journeys, and your happiness with your home décor.

Source: Houzz

Another bold use of colour we’re seeing for 2020 is painting doors. Just like the disappearing all-white kitchen so too disappears the all-white door and trim combination. Black doors are all the rage and so are graphically colour blocked doors.

2. Bringing the Outside In

Source: Houzz

Sustainability is nothing new, but for 2020 we’re seeing this statement move even further into interior design. Plants (real ones, not faux) have continued to rise in popularity, and we’re seeing designers incorporate plant walls, and indoor gardens in much more deliberate ways.

The outside is also inspiring a huge rise in popularity of floral prints and patterns. Taking a cue from the Victorian age, the modern take is incorporating big bold florals, in any way possible including on bedding, on walls using wallpaper or hand painted murals, and in accent pillows, rugs, and even large abstract floral artwork.

We’re also seeing natural fabrics (linen sheets anyone?) and textiles like Vienna Straw being used in furniture like headboards, dining chairs and more. Natural baskets used as a planter for your houseplants are the perfect way to embrace this trend.

Sofa with vienna straw details by Rededition
Source: Rededition

Our need for more sustainability and the desire to incorporate the outside inside our homes, has ushered in a new wave of biophilia design, with designers increasingly focused on using more natural elements, recycled elements, and making the connection between outside and inside more tactile, integrated, and thoughtful.

3. Functionality First

Sorage ottoman by Signature Design

A big trend for 2020 is about making things work, making them function for your space, and for the environment. With an increase in tiny homes, and smaller (but still stylish!) living spaces the need for multi-functional furniture has never been greater. Designers are answering the call with items like ottomans with lids for storage, under bed storage, and dining tables that work for two and eight. But it’s also about making functional choices for the environment. Doing the research, buying products made closer to home, buying quality products that will stand the test of time are all going to be increasingly part of our home décor decisions.

4. Back is Black

Source: Houzz

Black is back, baby! But did it really ever leave? We’re seeing black back with a vengeance this Spring in home décor. Black has been popping up more and more in the kitchen with black metal accents like faucets and kitchen cupboard pulls and handles.

Black is making its comeback in paint (think entirely black dining rooms with luxe wood dining table and statement chairs), in mixing metals (this is big for kitchens and bathrooms alike), and even black furniture. We mentioned black doors above, and we see don’t see this bold trend stopping anytime soon. Want to try incorporating a little more matte black into your home? Update kitchen drawer pulls with a matte black spray paint.

Black Dining Room Décor by Moes

Need more advice on furniture and home décor? Visit our blog to find ton of ideas and information on both.

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert

4 Minimalist Home Decor Tips

4 Minimalist Home Decor Tips

Are you a “less is more” kind of home decorator? Do you prefer a house with a place for everything and everything in its place — preferably hidden out of sight? Then minimalism might be the style you’re looking for!

A minimalist design aesthetic creates a sense of peace and order by minimizing visual (and actual) clutter, but there’s more to it than just white walls and sharp edges. When some people think of “minimalism” they often think of dull, drab, and stark. Done right, however, minimalism can feel as cozy and personal as any other style. All you’ll need is the right furniture, the perfect decor, and a few tips for pulling the look together.

Think Clean Lines

Straight edges and symmetrical curves in furniture, patterns, and art are a hallmark of minimal design. You won’t often see tufted cushions or elaborate scrollwork in minimalist spaces, so when selecting furniture, seek out basic shapes and unadorned edges. Contemporary, mid-century modern, and Scandinavian-styled furniture is all well suited to the style.

Limit Your Colour Palette

When picking everything from the paint colour to the sofa to your wall art, a limited colour palette is key to reducing visual clutter and maintaining a clean, minimalist design.

4 Minimalist Home Decor Tips (2)

That doesn’t have to mean making your whole home boring black and white — shades of cream, blue-grey, olive green, and yellow all add some life to a minimalist home, while maintaining a clean, reserved look. Try combining a coffee-coloured couch with some blue pillows, or adorning a coffee table of pale wood with a green vase or bowl set. There are plenty of ways to incorporate colour while keeping your palette clean and simple!

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Play with Texture

The trick with minimalism is retaining visual interest without contributing to visual clutter. One way to do this is by using textures to your advantage.

Slatted walls, vaulted ceilings, macramé rugs, and faux fur throw blankets all infuse some life and excitement into your space without compromising the carefully tailored look you’re going for. Soft textiles can also help make the clean lines and sharp edges that often go with minimalist styles from feeling too severe.

Fashion Bed, Bed, Bedroom

Get the Details Right

In a traditional-styled home, you might be able to get away with displaying any old photos or trinkets and calling your decor complete. In a minimalist home, though, decorations require a little more thought.

Decor is the key to making your furniture come together cohesively, while adding hints your own personal taste. Plants, unique art, sculpture, and statement tableware all introduce a special warmth and flavour to a space. Black metalwork and potted plants are definitely on trend, with the industrial edge of metal and the soothing, natural vibe of plant life combining into something both elegant and comfortable. Try some framed black and white photography, or perhaps a statement sculpture that falls into your colour palette. Minimizing quantity and maximizing visual impact is the way to go when decorating for a minimalist style.

Minimalism can be a great way to take back control over a messy home or shift your focus back to the things you do in your home and the people who live there, not the stuff you own. For furniture, decor, and even more tips on how to make the most of a minimalist design aesthetic, stop by our store. We have everything you need to give your home the fresh perspective it needs, and all the know-how to help you plan a style that feels both comfortable and clean.

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Prep Your Guest Room and Mattress for Holiday Visitors

Prep Your Guest Room and Mattress for Holiday Visitors

From family to friends, the holidays are all about gathering together and being with the people you love. That means you will want to make sure everyone’s accommodations are all squared away before they all start flocking to your home for the festivities. Get your guest room and mattress into shape with these tips that are sure to make your guests feel comfortable and at home.

1. Winter Cleaning

The first step to making your guest room inhabitable is making sure it hasn’t been used as a junk room for the past couple of months. Everybody has such a room in their house, but if you plan to have people sleeping in it, it’s best if you start finding a home for all your leftover things.

Once you’ve put those things in their rightful place, or just relocated them to another place your guests won’t see, you’ll want to actually get to the cleaning part. Wash the windows, dust the side tables, and vacuum or sweep and mop the floor. You’ll be surprised how much a little tidying up can really change a room around!

2. Mattress Priority

The mattress in your guest bedroom is the most important part of the entire room. It needs to be comfortable, clean, and presentable for your guest before they arrive.

We recommend testing out the bed for yourself first. Is it old? Does it hurt your back? Is it hard to get comfortable on? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s probably time for a new mattress and preferably before your family or friends come to stay with you. If you need to come up with a quick fix, using a foam pad could be a bandage for the time being, but you will eventually need to find a good mattress that won’t send your guests fleeing to the nearest hotel. Make sure to visit our store to find a Sealy mattress worthy of your guest bedroom today!

If your mattress is in good condition, switch out the current sheets, pillows, and blankets with clean ones and your guest bed will be all set for sleeping in!

Prep Your Guest Room and Mattress for Holiday Visitors

3. Closet Space

Now that the room is sparkling and the mattress is feeling fresh, you’ll want to make sure your guests have space to put their belongings while they’re in your home. Check the guest bedroom closet for items that don’t belong, such as your extra dining room chairs or birthday wrapping paper, and be sure to fill it with things they may actually need, such as hangers for their clothes.

4. Luxury Suite

Treat your guests special by making their stay a little extra nice during the holidays. From lighting a cinnamon candle so their room smells delicious to placing warm slippers next to their bed so they’re comfy for the duration of their stay, there are numerous ways for you to go above and beyond for your guest. And if you want to get extra fancy, you could even put a bath robe in their closet. The possibilities are endless!

And while you’re making sure your guest bedroom is fit for royalty, don’t forget to check the comfort level of the mattress before your guests arrive. Stop by our store today to make sure your guests have a bed that will make them feel like they’re on a luxurious vacation.

It’s not always easy sleeping in an unfamiliar room, so it’s up to you to make it comfortable for your guests. As long as the guest room clean and the mattress feels like a dream, your guests should have a wonderful stay during the festivities!

Angela, Your Sleep Expert

How to Bring the Modern Rustic Look into Your Home

How to Bring the Modern Rustic Look into Your Home

It may be a new trend, but the modern rustic look is an instant classic you can’t go wrong with incorporating into your home. The modern rustic style exudes comfort, but is simple and elegant. It combines the clean lines of modern (yet, classic!) pieces of furniture, with the solid and emotional appeal of natural wood, stone, and metals.

If you’ve been looking to update your home to a modern rustic style, I’ve pulled together some tips on how to bring this look into your living room and dining room.

Modern Rustic in the Dining Room

Modern Rustic Dining Room

If you are just building your dining room or looking to update your existing one, adding modern rustic elements is a sure way to infuse it with a timeless style. From simple switches, like updating the chairs, to investing in a new dining table there are lots of ways to bring the modern rustic look into your dining room.

For example, let a vintage wood or rustic inspired wood dining room table speak for itself by surrounding it with clear acrylic modern chairs. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this look before as this combination is the epitome of modern rustic style.


You can also create a focus for the rest of the room by choosing a dining table with a glass top. The see-through glass top will let the fabulous legs or base stand out and other décor elements of the room really shine.

Love to host? Why not create a bar area with a mid-century vintage find or a modern rustic buffet? A bar area is a must for avid entertainers. With sparkling decanters and a variety of your favourite fizzy drinks in pretty bottles, it can help add great personality and depth to your dining room.

Modern Rustic in the Living Room

Source: Houzz
From mixed material pieces to wood accents and luxurious leathers (faux or real), creating a modern rustic living room is easy with some simple tips.

One way to change the feel of your living room from modern to rustic is to combine your modern sofa with a rustic coffee table made of wood and cast iron. This unique combination will bring sophistication and warmth to your room without being stuffy.

You can also update your living room accent chairs to mid-century inspired pieces. These chairs will add a sleek modern look to your living room while still being comfortable and, most importantly, functional.

We all know and love the atmosphere a fireplace creates in a room. How about adding a modern electric fireplace to your room and surrounding it with large modern tiles and rustic elements such as a distressed wood shelf, weaved baskets, and real logs? The variety of textures will add visual warmth to the room and will be great for seasonal décor.

Rustic modern fireplace

Buffet and servers are perfect in the dining room, but they can also be used in open concept great rooms and living rooms. They can be rustic or modern while being the most beautiful storage piece in your home. Add family photos, unique home décor accents, books, and other items to highlight the things you and family cherish.

Other Ways to Add Modern Rustic to Your Home

You don’t have to limit modern rustic updates to your dining and living rooms. Your entire house décor can benefit from modern rustic touches.

Simply add a wood or vintage inspired bench to your front entryway. Not only will it be the perfect place for you and your guests to get your shoes on/off, but you can also use it as additional décor – propping up seasonal pillows.

Vintage inspired bench (2)

Similarly, your clean lined white kitchen can easily be updated with a simple switch. Swap out your existing bar stools for a modern rustic look combining warm wood and metal. This simple swap will add life to your contemporary kitchen without sacrificing functionality.

The key with modern rustic is looking for natural and refined lines to bring the entire room together.

Looking for more inspiration? Shop our Modern Rustic Furniture.

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert

Decorating Tips for a Cozy Guest Bedroom

Decorating Tips for a Cozy Guest Bedroom

Whether you’re starting from scratch or making changes to a room in need of an upgrade, check out the tips below on how to decorate your guest bedroom. Adding your own personal flair is what makes your house a home, and following these key concepts can make any bedroom special.


The bed is the centrepiece of the room. It is the main staple where your guest will especially appreciate the effort it took to make it as comfy as possible. Consider which guests you typically have at your house. You may want to get a full-size bed from Signature Design by Ashley, or if you have siblings that will be occupying your guest bedroom you can opt for two twin-sized beds.

After deciding the size of the bed, choose linens for your guest to enjoy. White bedding creates a crisp and relaxing retreat. Not only is this a soothing colour, but it’s classic and will go with everything. For the last step, throw a few pillows down to complete the ultimate cozy appeal.

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Full length mirror in the bedroom

Adding a full-length mirror in your guest bedroom will make your space feel larger. Not sure where to place it? Try hanging your mirror between two windows. Placing a mirror between two windows tricks the eye into thinking there is another window there and helps maximize natural light.

You can also place your full-length mirror across from a window to increase light and views. Reflecting a beautiful view is ideal, but placing a mirror across from any window that gets good light will make your room feel sunnier.

If you’re tight on space, add a skinny mirror or hang one on the back of a door. A well-placed mirror makes the most of a room’s natural light, enhances views, opens a small space, and adds something extra to decor.

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Lighting in the bedroom

Lighting is always an easy way to spice up any room. You can add a subtle ambiance with different light fixtures like chandeliers, spot or focus lights. Use at least three sources of light including general overhead or pendant lighting, specific task or table lighting, and ambient candles or decorative lighting.

You can also add a dimmer, which allows you to easily change the mood and brightness of the lighting depending on the time of day. Maximize natural light by keeping your windows clean. Whatever your style, experiment with different lighting ranges including basic to bold, or dimmed to dramatic.

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Storage in the bedroom

It’s important to add furniture that allows ample storage while being multifunctional. Besides the closet, add either a Signature Design dresser or two bedside tables for your guests to unpack and store their belongings. Some beds also act as both a mattress and have storage compartments built into the bed frame.

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There are plenty of ways help turn your room into a cozy guest bedroom. Take your time and find out which ideas work best for your home. If you need inspiration, come to our store to discover our beautiful selection of furniture, accessories, and lighting from Signature Design by Ashley.

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Alex, Your Furniture Expert

How to Make Your Living Room Cozier for Winter

Signature Design Living Room 80603

The winter chill is setting in and suddenly you just can’t get enough of flannels and turtlenecks. If cold, cold, cold is all you can think about these days, it might be time to give your living room a cozy makeover.

When temperatures drop, you’ll want your home to feel like your haven from the chilly breezes outside. Luckily, you don’t have to go in for a major remodel to make your space warm and inviting! With some décor know-how, a few new pieces of furniture from Signature Design by Ashley, and some creative rearranging, you and your home can enjoy a cozy winter.

Colour With Care

Colours can have a big impact on the feel of your home! Any colour can be used to make a space feel comfier and cozier, but the trick is using your colours right.

For example, Scandinavian style uses whites and pale blues – a traditionally chilly colour palette – to bring warmth and sunshine into a space. Inspired by dreary, grey northern winters, this style soaks up and reflects every drop of light, making your space feel warm and welcoming no matter the time of year. This kind of pale, bright colour palette can help lighten up your home during even the darkest storms!

On the other hand, dark colours and shades of red are also known to do wonders for heating up a space and making it feel more comfortable. Dark woods paired with browns, reds, and oranges give your space a touch of summer all season long, while keeping your style tasteful and elegant. Select your colour scheme carefully and you’ll set a strong foundation for your cozy new living room.

Pattern Master

Once you’ve picked out your colour scheme, it’s time to find patterns to match. Fun patterns can help cushion stark walls or chilly wooden furniture. For the winter, think plaids, houndstooth, or even animal prints to add a splash of fun and warmth to your space.

If you prefer a more understated look, keep the colours simple. Even monochrome patterns can add that splash of visual interest and movement you need to make your home feel more inviting.

Toy With Textures

Playing with Texture A1000568

Don’t be afraid to go crazy with textures! Go bold, mix and match, use textures that make you do a double take – it all contributes to that comfy cozy look you’re going for. Knit, corduroy, and faux sheepskin are all lovely textures to incorporate that will keep your home looking elegant and stylish, while adding that dose of cozy you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking at upholstered seating or funky décor, we’ve got home accessories and furniture with tons of textures to choose from, so stop by our store to see our Signature Design selection!

Shop Signature Design by Ashley Furniture and Accessories

Layer Up

Layers are everything when it comes to achieving a cozy living space. Cover your couches in throw blankets and cushions, or even double up your rugs to create an elevated take on a patchwork aesthetic. Larger rugs can be given some extra texture with the help of a smaller throw rug on top, and cold floors can be made cozier with a collage of smaller rugs. Leaving a cozy blanket within reach of all your living room’s major seating also helps keep yourself and your guests warm and cozy during movie nights or holiday dinners.

Be Natural

Signature Design 15602 Living Room

Plants and other natural elements also lend a natural warmth to a living room. Fill your corners with shade-loving plants that don’t mind a few days of cloudy skies. The leafier the better! Filling your home with plants doesn’t just make your home feel cozier, it can also boost your mood and help combat those rainy-day blues that tend to hit hard in the wintertime.

Natural wood furniture is another great way to max out your space’s warmth. A rough-cut wooden table or even some wooden wall art can add to those cozy cottage vibes that make even the chilliest winter bearable. Try keeping some logs in the fireplace too! Even if you don’t use it, the promise of a roaring fire waiting at the hearth is enough to warm anyone up. We have lots of great options from Signature Design by Ashley for sturdy, wooden furniture and décor in our store, so stop in to explore some of the stylish options we have in stock!

The winter winds are no match for your décor skills! With a little help from some new furniture and decorations from Signature Design by Ashley, you’ll be sittin’ cozy in no time. And if you need any help picking out those perfect pieces or imagining a cozier home, you know where to go! Check out our store for some of our favourite furniture and holiday decorating tips from our furniture experts.

Shop Signature Design by Ashley Furniture and Accessories

Alex, Your Furniture Expert

Your Guide to Mix ‘n Match Metals in Home Décor

Your Guide to Mix ‘n Match Metals in Home Décor
Source: The Designory

Mixing metal finishes continues to be a popular trend in home décor. From furniture to lighting fixtures, all types of metals whether it be copper, gold, brass, silver or black iron work together. While we encourage you to be bold in your design, when it comes to mixing different metals finishes there is definitely such a thing as ‘too much’.

With that in mind, we’ve pulled together our best tips (basic guidelines if you will) to help you mix n’ match your metals with ease.

Step 1: Pick Your Dominant Metal Finish

The prima ballerina never shares the spotlight and that should be the same in your home. Pick a hero finish, it could be the incredible brass chandelier in the dining room or the giant gold mirror in your bathroom. Once you have your principal dancer you can carefully select the backup dancers.

Step 2: Pick Your Secondary Metal Finish

Just like Janet Jackson, we want to be picky about our back up dancers because they can inadvertently take attention away – not something any star wants. You want to select one or maybe two back up finishes to complement your star. Do the finishes work together? Do they complement and help draw your eye around the room? In smaller rooms, it is always best to stick with just one or two finishes. In larger rooms, where you can spread finishes out, you can add in a third. For example, beautiful black iron curtain rods in a living room with a brass coffee table and small silver accents throughout the room.

Metal finishes mixed from Renwil

Step 3: Go Big and Go Small with Layers and Textures

A great opportunity when mixing metals while decorating is to mix the sizes up. Big items like large lamps or tables combine with subtle but beautiful details like small brass handles on a table, or the frame on a photo. Don’t be afraid to layer the sizing and finishes, this adds dimension. Textures too add an element of sophistication. If all your metals are flat it will fall flat on the eye. Try adding in textured details like the framing on a mirror or photo frame to a solid metal like a table lamp.

Tip: Adding metal trim to furniture creates a timeless look.

Step 4: Let Inspiration Guide You

Not quite sure what you want your hero to be or what finishes you love? Shop our home accents and décor to see what’s in store. Or jump on your favourite home décor site or Pinterest for a look at what others are doing and what’s trending.

Mixed metals in interior design is a trend we don’t see stopping. It creates a timeless look and adds a touch of sophistication to your home. From a show stopping hero item to small touches like a collection of small brass birds on your bookshelf, mixing metals is a great way to show off your unique style.

Want more tips and inspiration for your home? Check out our Inspiration blog.

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert

How to Pick the Right Signature Design Seating for Your Living Room

How to Pick the Right Signature Design Seating for Your Living Room

No matter if you or your family are watching movies, playing video games, reading your favourite novellas, or binging the latest season of “This is Us,” you don’t want your leisure time in your living room interrupted by uncomfortable cushions or hard-as-asphalt seating.

As your family grows, your seating needs are going to change as well. We’re here to guide you through the process of picking out Signature Design living room seating, and to help you decide which is best for your unique scenario.

Size and Spacing

If you are living by yourself in a smaller apartment, your living room seating needs are going to be much, much different than a family of four with a spacious living room and kids bouncing off the walls.

The first thing you want to consider when it comes time to think about your backside’s needs is space. If you don’t have a lot of space you may want to opt for smaller living room furniture, and if you live alone you might be able to get by with a one-person recliner or smaller loveseat – of course with optional folding chairs or storable seats for when you have company over.

If you have to consider the seating needs of your whole family, though, you want to make sure to get something that can seat everybody comfortably. Larger Signature Design by Ashley sectionals can be a better option here and can give everybody room to sit comfortably all at the same time.

Selecting your living room furniture

Cushioned Comfort

What’s one of the worst things that can happen when it comes to shopping for new living room furniture? Picking out something you love, getting it home, then testing out your seat … only to find out that the piece you were in love with in the store isn’t nearly as comfortable at home.

The easiest way to combat this is to make sure that you try out any furniture before bringing it home. Give it a test spin. Recline. Sit. Get comfy. And most of all, make sure you’re actually enjoying sitting on it.

Do Your Door Diligence

OK, there’s one thing that’s worse than getting home with your new furniture and finding out that it isn’t that comfortable: Getting your new furniture home and finding out that it won’t fit in your home.
Before you bring any piece of furniture home, no matter how big or small, you want to measure any doorways the furniture will have to travel through and make sure that it is going to fit.

You also want to make sure that it will fit in your vehicle – been there, tried to squeeze that. Of course, if you’d rather not worry about transportation about all, give us a call! We’ll deliver anything you buy from us, making your path from purchasing to reclining easier than ever.

It’s always important to think before you shop, especially when you are making purchases as important as living room furniture. Really study your needs and talk to your family and figure out what will work best before bringing any purchase home.

Also, don’t forget that delivery isn’t our only specialty! We’re here to help you through the entire shopping process. Our knowledgeable experts will help you from the moment you walk in our store until your new favourite Signature Design by Ashley furniture reaches your door, so stop in today and see what it’s like to shop for furniture the easy way!

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Alex, Your Furniture Expert