Washing Delicates Like a Pro in a GE Washer

Woman putting clothes in a washing machine

Raise your hand if you put your laundry in two piles: whites and everything else. This is, of course, a very daring and reckless way of doing laundry, but it is also a surprisingly common one. If you don’t take the time to separate your dirty clothes before throwing them in the washer, you’ll find out the hard way that dark colours can bleed onto lighter clothes and also how easily shreddable those delicate really can be.

Luckily, GE washers prove just how little of a hassle washing your clothes can be. Especially when it comes to thoroughly washing the most fragile of delicate garments like your great great great great grandmother’s handkerchief. GE Washers are prepared to handle it all with these tough, yet gentle, washing features.

1) Steam Assist Feature

Steam not only looks magical, it is magical. If deeply cleaning fabric fibres and loosening stains isn’t magic, we don’t know what is. The Steam Assist feature is a great technique to use on your delicate laundry because it’s tough on stains without hurting or ripping your important items apart. Use this GE washer treatment when you want to get out some mysterious stain that needs some special magic to get it out.

2) Precision Dispense Feature

Other than having an efficient wash, GE washers now have the ability to slowly release detergent throughout a wash cycle with the Precision Dispense feature. Normal washing machines immediately release all of the detergent from their dispenser when you start the cycle, but GE washers know that better cleaning performance for delicates happens when the detergent you added splits into smaller doses throughout the wash cycle so that the load continues to stay soapy.

3) Delicates Feature

If you are really at a loss for what to do with all your fair clothes, GE washers happen to come equipped with a delicates feature, which automatically takes the guesswork out of what you need to do. But if you feel that you want to tweak with the way the delicates feature washes, you also have the ability to change specific settings, such as the amount of water, temperature, and speed of your cycle. Customize your delicates cycle just the way you feel fits your needs.

Washing Delicates Like a Pro in a GE Washer (3)

No one should ever feel helpless when it comes to doing their laundry. That’s why we’re proud to sell GE washers here at BrandSource: because they make washing clothes easy yet sophisticated.

It’s important that you have an appliance that is built to handle the toughest grime, while also being able to destroy dirt thoroughly and gently on your most delicate of materials.

Give us a call or stop by to talk to an expert sales associate about more of GE washers’ awesome features that will benefit you. There’s no other washer you’d want in your corner, helping you fight the tough stains than GE washers. Find your cleaning machine today!

Amanda, Your Appliance Expert

How GE Induction Cooktops Work

How GE Induction Cooktops Work

Do you believe in magic? No, we aren’t talking about your favourite “Harry Potter” film, we’re, of course, talking about GE Induction Cooktops.

Through the power of induction, these cooktops offer state-of-the-art cooking technology – combined with stylish designs – that will easily elevate your cooking into magical territory.

But how does an induction cooktop work? What does it do? And how can it change your kitchen and cooking, for the better, forever? Let’s dive behind the scenes and take a look!

Magnetic Magic

Time for a little science lesson. Again, while induction might seem like a mystic art, it’s actually powered by magnets. The cooking elements produce a magnetic field. And when you place a metal pan – of the correct size and type of metal – on it, the electrons in the pan will vibrate and make heat. See, it’s science, not magic!

As for the cooking surface itself? It doesn’t make the heat. It all happens in the pan, and the element can’t function without the pan there.

It’s Elemental, Watson

GE Induction Cooktops have not one, not two, but five different induction cooking elements. What this means is that you have five different surfaces that are safer to use and touch – given they don’t heat without the pan – and that you’ll be able to easily clean.

Each element has individual timers, so if you love making complex multi-course meals, or just want to cook five different pots of macaroni and cheese at the same time, GE has you covered. The cooktops also have pan removal detection, so your cooktop will know when you’ve removed a pan and turn the burner level off accordingly.

Pan removal detection on GE induction cooktops

Promethean Fire

On traditional stovetops, controlling heat can be tricky, especially on cooktops and stoves that don’t have precise heating control. That’s not the case here, though. GE Induction Cooktops have a melt setting, which allows you to heat up delicate foods without having them burn or get scorched. If you ask us, it’s a melt made in heaven.

Glide Into Action

Old, analogue methods of controlling cooktops are so 1990-late. GE cooktops have electronic controls that let you manage how hot each element is getting, all with an easy swipe. That’s right, touch control just came to your cooktop, and you’ll never want to go back to old-fashioned knobs and buttons again.

Boiling water with a GE induction cooktop

Boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew

Let’s take a second and be honest: Life is busy, and sometimes there just isn’t time left in a day to wait for water to boil. Well, GE Induction Cooktops have a solution for that, too. With an 11” 3700W heating element – GE’s most powerful induction element — these cooktops were made to bring water to a boil before the pot even knows what hit it.

Amanda, Your Appliance Expert

5 Reasons to Get a Black Stainless Steel Kitchen Set from Bosch

5 Reasons to Get a Black Stainless Steel Kitchen Set from Bosch

Stainless steel has been a kitchen mainstay across the country for decades now, but over the past few years, its sleek, stylish sibling “black stainless” has been taking over in a big way. “It’s the fastest growing appliance colour,” says Mark Allwood of Consumer Reports. “There’s been a 1,000 percent increase in black stainless-steel models on the market in the past two years.”

As high-quality brands like Bosch continue to adopt the option, the appeal of black stainless just keeps growing. For anyone looking for a new kitchen set, Bosch’s line of black stainless appliances really is a no brainer. The sleek, timeless design of Bosch appliances and the contemporary cool of black stainless combine to create a kitchen that’s as elegant as it is efficient. But if you still aren’t sure, check out these five reasons why your next kitchen redo should feature a black stainless set by Bosch.

1) It’s Easy to Take Care of

If you’ve ever owned stainless steel appliances, you know what a hassle it can be to keep them clean. Streaks, scratches, and sticky fingers can take a real toll on your beautiful stainless steel, quickly dulling its natural shine. With black stainless steel appliances from Bosch, those fears will be a thing of the past. These appliances aren’t made with a simple foil coating, they’re made of a special material that resists scratches and fingerprint marks to keep your kitchen looking better than ever.

2) It Matches Everything

A Bosch black stainless appliance set goes well with everything, and we mean EVERYTHING. White walls? Check. Bold cabinet colours? Check. Contemporary kitchen? Definitely. Rustic inspired style? A great way to add a modern touch! Black stainless really can do it all, and it’s a great way to pull together a kitchen, no matter the style. You know what they say—black is the new black!

5 Reasons to Get a Black Stainless Steel Kitchen Set from Bosch

3) It’s Hip

The black stainless appliance trend started in Europe a few years back, and it’s been slowly making its way west ever since. Not only do black appliances embody a contemporary cool that American kitchens are always striving for, they have a certain unbeatable European elegance about them that’s impossible to resist. Plus, even though the trend is gaining popularity fast, we’re still in the early years of the black stainless steel-explosion. That means you’ll be way ahead of the curve when the trend really makes it big time!

4) It Makes Décor Stand Out

In addition to being works of art in their own right, black stainless appliances can also be arranged to take a supporting role to your favourite accent pieces. Like a black velvet jewelry box, black stainless makes the gems in your kitchen pop. Whether that means your painstakingly painted cabinets, a one-of-a-kind antique table, or your kids’ artistic masterpieces, black stainless provides a perfect backdrop for the most important things in your home.

5) It’s Bosch

You’d be getting a full set of Bosch appliances! Need we say more? Well loved by home cooks and professional chefs (like Chef Curtis Stone of Top Chef and Take Home Chef fame), Bosch has made a name for itself as a brand that’s as excellent as it is elegant. A Bosch kitchen really is a pro-kitchen, and all style aside, if you get a black stainless appliance set from Bosch, you know you’ll be investing in a reliable kitchen set that will serve your family well years to come.

So don’t wait! Get started on that kitchen reno and take your style to the next level with black stainless steel appliances from Bosch. Your future kitchen awaits you!

Amanda, Your Appliance Expert

7 reasons to Love the Bosch 100 Series Dishwasher

7 reasons to Love the Bosch 100 Series Dishwasher (Large)

The Bosch 100 Series Dishwasher is the new baby in town among home appliances. The Bosch brand has always been at the forefront of making-life-easy for families around the world through its range of quality home appliances. The company is a leading force in providing dishwashers with premium quality to families for over a decade now.

From the look of things, it’s certain Bosch is keeping its legacy of enhancing customers’ lifestyle by introducing another home appliance blockbuster – the Bosch 100 Series dishwasher line. The product comes with a number of premium features, including the Bosch’s legendary sound reduction technology. This is really a great deal of value at an affordable price.

The Bosch 100 Series dishwasher line is loaded with lots of quality features. The Bosch brand is simply keeping to its tradition of helping families in their day to day lives. With its three distinct handle options, the new Bosch 100 Series dishwasher lineup comes in black, white and stainless steel finishes. The following are the additional features and benefits the new 100 Series dishwasher offer to ease household chores for families:

1) Utility Rack: The Bosch utility rack makes dishwashing less of a hassle. With a secure, designated spot for those ‘hard-to-place’ items, you surely have fewer things to worry about.

2) More Ease, Less Noise: Its 3-step mesh filter technology means no more noisy food disposal.

3) PrecisionWash™ System: This dishwasher comes with 5-point intelligent sensors that continually scan the progress of the cycle targeting every item of the load. Users don’t have to do anything, just start the dishwasher and walk away.

4) 24/7 Overflow Protection System: With 100 Series dishwasher, you never have to worry about leaks, even while it’s in the off mode. Every Bosch dishwasher must pass 485 stringent quality checks including a water test before leaving the factory.

Bosch 100Series Dishwasher in Stainless Steel

5) Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel: Bosch 100 Series dishwashers provide the ultimate exterior protection against fingerprints dirt and smudges. With this feature, your dishwasher will always look great.

6) RackMatic™: The Bosch 100 Series dishwasher offers a 3rd level RackMatic™ adjustable height and up to nine rack positions to help families in the arrangement of every load. Items can be arranged according to their height in the dishwasher.

7) Rack Options: Since each household has different preferences for loading their dishwashers, the Bosch 100 Series dishwasher provides class-leading racks. These racks provide additional capacity and loading flexibility for families based on their preferences.

Bosch 100Series Dishwasher in Stainless Steel_Racks

With the introduction of this new 100 Series to its array of quality dishwashers, Bosch is definitely giving every household the power to choose convenience over a burden. With premium features ranging from its quiet operation to reliable performance and sleek design, the Bosch 100 Series is truly a must-have for kitchen cleanup.

Isabelle, Your Appliance Expert

How to Grow an Indoor Herb Garden

How to Grow an Indoor Herb Garden

There’s nothing more satisfying or more delicious than home cooking, but sometimes getting a recipe just right can be a real challenge. Most of the time, the secret to that perfect meal is all in the ingredients.

Whether you’re trying to do justice by grandma’s old recipe book or encouraging picky eaters to chow down with a concoction of your own, fresh herbs add a special, irresistible something to any dish. Not only are homegrown herbs healthy and delicious, they can also help purify your air and make your home feel cozier!

So, give your home cooking an extra kick and transform your kitchen into a personal herb garden using these tasty tricks.

Chill Out

We all know that most plants thrive in warm weather, but it’s a well-kept gardening secret that some seeds actually grow better when left in the cold. Not every plant needs a cold start, so be sure to read up on the needs of your herb of choice, but some, like lavender and rosemary, tend to grow best when chilled for a few weeks before planting.

Now, you could just leave your seeds outside during the winter for this process—leaving them susceptible to blizzards and hungry birds—or you could store them safely in your Danby fridge or freezer. Danby’s compact fridges and standalone freezers are perfect for keeping your seeds at the ideal germination temperature without getting lost in drawers full of snacks or falling prey to high humidity and mould.

Shine On

Of course, sunlight is crucial for maintaining a thriving garden. Maybe you have plenty of natural light in your kitchen, and a big, sunny windowsill is more than enough to keep your garden going. If so, great! But if you’re not so lucky in your living space, or you hail from a colder, gloomier climate, your plants might need an extra boost of sunshine.

Danby offers several home herb growers that keep plants in perfect growing conditions. Fans keep air circulating and fresh, and digitally timed LEDs mimic natural sunlight even on the cloudiest of days. You can monitor humidity and light levels and keep your garden protected from bugs and disease, as well as from tiny hands (or paws) set on undoing all your hard work. But, if all the bells and whistles aren’t for you, you can still help your plants keep their sunny disposition with a small LED or fluorescent bulb.

Danby Herb Grower

A Rocky Start

There’s no universal rule when it comes to herb care—each herb’s needs are as different as their flavours! Some herbs, like thyme, oregano, and sage, prefer lower light and rockier soils. Dry conditions and poor soil quality actually bring out the richest flavours and aromas in these culinary staples—who would have thought? On the flip side, basil, cilantro, and some mint varieties tend to flourish in rich soil and plenty of water, so make sure to tailor your care to the needs of each plant.

In most cases, it’s a good idea to let the soil become dry to the touch between waterings to prevent roots from moulding, and be sure to water deeply every few days. Be careful to strike a good balance with your water schedule: overwatering can cause your herbs to lose flavour, but underwatering can cause the plants to become stunted or flower too soon, which also ruins the flavour of the leaves.

A New Leaf

Don’t be afraid to go wild harvesting those delicious leaves once your plant is fully grown—regular pruning is actually good for herbs’ growth, as it helps them focus their energy on making new leaves instead of maintaining old ones. As long as you leave enough large leaves for your plant to absorb sunlight, both your family and your flora will thank you for harvesting regularly.

But once you’ve picked your herbs, how do you keep them for future use? Some people invest in fancy dehydrators, but all you really need is an oven or range. Just spread your fresh herbs out on a baking sheet and leave them in the oven for 2 to 4 hours at low heat.

The style and simplicity of a Danby range is perfect for this step, not to mention it’s the perfect size to dry your herbs without wasting time or electricity. Now you have perfectly preserved herbs ready to be sprinkled over salmon or tossed over tofu anytime, but be sure to save some to serve fresh!

Amanda, Your Appliance Expert

You Won’t Believe These 6 Ways Your Phone Can Control Your Home

Smart home control for Bosch Appliances

There was a time when phones were just used for calling. It seems like forever ago, now that our phones can do everything from playing games, to video chatting with family far away, and everything in between.

But, did you know that your phone can also control your home? Yup. With Bosch products and the Home Connect app you can now control your home from the palm of your hand. Think of it like your little handheld assistant, always ready and waiting to help with household tasks. What exactly can it do, though? Glad you asked. Let’s take a look.

1. Creative Coffee

If you are one of those people that just can’t get moving without your morning cup of coffee, then you are really going to be excited about this one. Sure, many coffee shops now have mobile ordering, but have you ever thought about mobile ordering … in your own home? From the comfort of your own bedroom? Without even having to get out from underneath the nice, warm comfort of your covers and blankets? Mind. Blown.

Now you can order coffee with your phone and your coffee machine will get started on its own. You can even make a Coffee Playlist for your guests, for those who want to make special orders or who drink tea instead of coffee. Everybody wins, and mornings just got a whole lot easier.

2. Deterrent Detergent

Ugh. Isn’t it just the worst when you load up the dishwasher completely, only to reach under the sink and find out that you’ve run out of detergent… again. If only there was a way to fix this and remind yourself when you were running low. If only…

Turns out, there is. Now, your dishwasher can handle that for you, and it can send you a notification when it is running low on detergent. No need to worry about it yourself anymore. Let the dishwasher remember its own supplies. Yup, that’s more like it.

3. Fix-it, Felix!

Sure, sometimes home appliances hit a little snag. Even the best technology isn’t going to work perfectly all the time. And unless you happen to be a repair person or especially handy, taking any type of tool to an expensive piece of machinery can feel risky, intimidating, and, well, like maybe it isn’t such a good idea.

Don’t worry. Now with your phone, Bosch can remotely figure out what is going on with your appliances and provide advice and solutions. Presto. Problem solved. Thank you, phone. That was much easier than dusting off the toolbox, anyways.

Perfectly Timed Pizza

4. Perfectly Timed Pizza

Raise your hand if this has happened before: You get home from a long day of work, and just don’t really feel like putting a lot of effort into cooking. A frozen pizza sounds perfect, but then you realize it is going to take some time for the oven to warm up. Quite the dilemma.

Well, those days are behind us now, too. With remote preheat on your oven, you can have that oven warming up even when you aren’t home. Start it up on the way back from work, and arrive home to a preheated oven, just waiting for that pizza. It saves you time and gets you to eating that nice, warm, gooey slice of pie so much faster.

5. Bye Bye Ludicrous Laundry

Everybody has their things: Some people are scared of spiders. Others just can’t wrap their head around math. And some can just never remember which laundry settings are for which clothes and end up washing everything on super cold to be safe. Sound like you? Yeah, don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

Well, now your washing machine can take care of that for you. It can recommend the best program based on which clothes you pick on your phone, taking the guesswork – and hard work – out of doing laundry. Never worry about shrinking socks or turning your favourite shirts into crop tops again. At least, if you listen to the app, that is.

6. Deep Freeze

Keeping food fresh can be a pain, even if you put groceries away as soon as you get home. Fear not, as now you can use your phone to activate SuperFreeze from anywhere you are. No, it isn’t a freeze ray: This feature will help cool down both the refrigerator and freezer temperatures, helping you keep your food fresh as long as possible.

It’s really amazing what phones can do these days, isn’t it? Welcome to the future, smart home style.

Amanda, Your Appliance Expert

Whirlpool’s Newest Addition – Sunset Bronze

Whirlpool’s Newest Addition – Sunset Bronze

When it comes to the colour of kitchen appliances; they have come a long way since the antiseptic white that once was the only choice in the 30’s and 40’s. We all joke about grandma’s avocado green appliances, but little did we know at the time, she was in style. Now, what would grandma say about Whirlpool’s new Sunset Bronze?

The kitchen has always been the epicentre of the household, essentially the heart of the home and a perfect place for families to congregate and enjoy some quality time together. The new Sunset Bronze finish is the perfect balance of warm and cool tones, so now is the time to bring this new trend into your kitchen to create a warm, inviting environment.

To set themselves apart from other manufacturers in the colour development for appliances, Whirlpool wanted to create something with the same texture and durability as stainless steel but add a touch of colour. The Sunset Bronze finish does just that and more. It can be likened to the popular rose gold, the newest trend that has taken over every aspect of our lives, from jewelry to iPhones. Rose gold has a delicate champagne shade that is much warmer than silver.

Close up of Sunset Bronze finish

But how do they do it? Sunset Bronze finish is achieved by colour blocking the original silver stainless steel finish with the Sunset Bronze colour. This technique will retain the texture of true stainless steel but gives it a whole different look. Whirlpool did a lot of testing with their appliances to ensure that this new finish could withstand the cold of a refrigerator and the heat of a range. The Whirlpool Sunset Bronze finish is available in a four-piece kitchen package that includes a French-Door Refrigerator, dishwasher, range and over-the-range microwave. Click on the link below to check out reviewed.com review of this new finish.

—> Up Close With Whirlpool’s New Sunset Bronze Finish

If this exciting new colour wasn’t enough, the good news is that this new finish is also fingerprint resistant. So there is no need to worry about constantly having to clean your appliances and having to use harsh chemicals to do so. See the new Sunset Bronze finish up close and personal in this video from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

This new finish is set to hit the market in the next couple of months and know that when it does these appliances are the same reliable appliances that you are used to when it comes to Whirlpool.

Isabelle, Your Appliance Expert

The Dining Room Revisited by Canadel

The Dining Room Revisited by Canadel

If, as the saying goes, home is where the heart is, it’s equally true that the dining room is the heart of the home. Along with the living room, these are your “living” spaces, havens for mind and body designed to be convivial and warm. For the dining room, it is a special gathering place to share a meal, connect and reinvent the world with family and friends.

And so, with these noble thoughts in mind, you begin your search for new dining room furniture. Beyond the obvious criteria of comfort and style, you’ll need to consider other factors, such as the material, durability, price, and customization.

Bear in mind that this is also an investment that will likely last for years. I mean, really, that budget set you purchased at IKEA has long gone past its fake wood-veneer glory days, don’t you think? Isn’t it high time you treated yourself to some genuine quality furniture, something in exactly the colour and style you really want?

Presenting Canadel!

Long known for their superior quality and custom design, Canadel is one of the most important wood furniture manufacturers in North America and, more importantly, they are 100% Canadian! As an undisputed leader in the manufacturing of solid wood dining room sets, Canadel is in a class apart because of their timeless designs, unparalleled comfort, reliability and durability.

Canadel table finish

Plus, Canadel provides tons of options. For example, did you know that you can fully customize your Canadel table? You can select:

• Top
• Height
• Shape and dimensions (including extensions if desired)
• Leg or base options
• Finish

Mix it up even further with these multiple options for the chairs:

• Leg style
• Arms if desired
• Seat – wood or upholstered
• Wood or fabric finish

And even after all that, you still haven’t found exactly what you want, you can turn to Canadel’s Signature program for a customized selection that will perfectly fit your home environment.

So your dining room needs a makeover? As you can see, Canadel makes it easy to choose the table and then get creative with the chairs, or to go for a more unified look, or maybe you just want to cut loose and select something eclectic.

Canadel's Server

BrandSource is proud to offer you Canadel’s Eastside collection. Incredibly versatile, this collection matches a wide variety of décors effortlessly – downtown loft, suburban home or country house. And like all Canadel furniture, it has been crafted and designed with care and with all the loving attention to detail for which Canadel is known. Yes, comfort and functionality in one very stylish and durable package!

Be bold! Be daring! It’s time to create the dining room of your dreams!

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert

7 Cool Features to Look for When Purchasing a New Range

7 Cool Features to Look for When Purchasing a New Range

When it comes to buying a range, there is no doubt that there are many things to consider. Not only is a range a big purchase, but it is also a very important one, as you will be using it for years and years to come. So to start, when purchasing a new range, you must do your due diligence by doing as much research as possible, taking extensive notes, and then finally choosing what suits you and your family best!

Here are 7 features to take into consideration when purchasing a range.

1. The Warming Drawer

This is something that you might have overlooked, am I right? Well, to be fair, this is an aspect that many overlook, but one that you shouldn’t. This is a great feature for people who like entertaining with multiple courses. Or simply to keep your food warm while finishing cooking the rest of your meal or setting the table.

Warming Drawers

2. Dual-Fuel Cooking

Dual-fuel cooking, dual-fuel cooking, now say that ten times fast. The dual-fuel cooking feature on a range is important not to overlook. Not only does it offer a more precise temperature control, but it also offers consistent cooking, since it perfectly combines an electric oven and gas cooktop all in one.

3. Bridge Element

Often something that many people don’t think they need, but actually could be really useful, the bridge element on a range seems to come in quite handy. The bridge element joins 2 standard elements to make a bigger cooking area. This feature is perfect when using a griddle, it provides heat throughout, no cold spot in the middle.

4. Front Controls

An important feature to consider on a new range is front controls. Updating your range to a front control one can bring a sleeker and modern look to your kitchen but also offer functionality. The buttons are conveniently placed at the front for easy access, no more burns over that boiling water cooking pot.

Front controls

5. Double Oven

For many, this is a luxury, but whoever said that a luxury was something you didn’t have to get? A double oven is actually one of the most effective ways for someone to cut down their cooking time. Perfect for hosting a crowd, appetizers warming up in one oven while dinner is being cooked in the other. Or a time saver for families, cooking dinner and baking dessert all at the same time. Luxury or not, say yes to double ovens next time you purchase a range.

6. Steam Cooking

When cooking, there are so many different ways to do it right that the best ways often get lost in the shuffle. And one of these often-overlooked ways is steam cooking. With a big trend on healthy eating, steam cooking is a very popular method to cook your meal as it retains most flavours, nutrients and vitamins. Also, steam helps keep the moisture in which makes food taste amazing without using extra oil or fat. Make sure to inquire about the steam function in your next range.

7. Temperature Probe

This device is a temperature sensor connected in the oven which will indicate the internal temperature of the meat. This eliminates the guesswork of figuring out if the dish is cooked or not. Your meat will be cooked to perfection and ensure that it is safe to eat as well.

Depending on your lifestyle and cooking habits, some of these features may be very interesting and worth checking out next time you are on the market for a new range.

Isabelle, Your Appliance Expert

The Dining Room Revisited by Canadel

The Dining Room Revisited by Canadel (Large)

For many, the dining room is the heart of the house. Along with the living room, it becomes a gathering space that is both dynamic and inviting. This is where you sit with family and friends to share a good meal and reinvent the world.

It is with these thoughts in mind that you will start to shop for your new kitchen furniture. Not only will you look for comfort and style, but you will also have to consider other factors such as materials, durability, price and customization.

Now that your low price IKEA dining room set or your imported veneered/resin furniture went well beyond its life expectancy, don’t you think it’s about time that you treat yourself to great quality furniture in the colour and style that you would really love? And this where Canadel comes in…

Canadel is one of the most important wood furniture manufacturers in North America and, what’s more, they are Canadian!

An undisputed leader in the manufacture of solid wood dining room set, Canadel has long been known for its high-quality furniture and custom design. Canadel in a class of its own because of their timeless design, unparalleled comfort, reliability and durability of their products.

Eastside Table Finish

Did you know that your Canadel table can be fully customized? You can select:

  • Surface
  • Height
  • Shape and dimensions (including extensions if desired)
  • Leg or base options
  • Finish

Even the chairs can be customized to your taste. Depending on the model, you can choose the following:

  • Leg style
  • Arms if desired
  • Seat – wood or upholstered
  • Wood or fabric finish

And if you don’t find exactly what you want, you can turn to Canadel’s Signature program to get customized furniture that will fit your environment.

So your dining room could use a bit of a change? Choose the table and express your own style by creating your chairs – go for a unified look or add a bit of fun and go for an eclectic look.

Eastside Server

At BrandSource, we are pleased to offer Canadel’s Eastside collection. Very versatile, this collection will match any décor: downtown loft, suburban home or country house. Like all Canadel furniture, it is designed and custom-made with the attention to detail that Canadel is known for. Comfort and functionality all in one!

At last, you can have the dining room you’ve always dreamed of!

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert