Lean Back Into Comfort With Today’s Modern Motion Furniture

Lean Back Into Comfort With Today’s Modern Motion Furniture

We all know the chair. It’s the one in the corner with two nice sofas flanking it. It’s the one your father sat in. It’s the chair you raced to sit in before your siblings when Dad wasn’t watching TV with you. You know the chair. It’s the ugly brown or plaid recliner with the creaky seat and finicky side handle. Maybe it’s got an old blanket draped over it to try and hid it, like in our house. You loved everything about this chair except how darn ugly it was. If only there was such a thing as ‘attractive’ reclining furniture…..

It’s here! It’s real and it’s fabulous. Yes, lean back into comfort with today’s modern motion furniture. No longer ‘the chair’ in the corner, today’s modern motion furniture can hide in plain sight while providing endless options like massages, extra lumbar support, a headrest or a footrest.

With such style in the ‘stationary’ position, you’d never know this sofa actually provided restful and relaxing (and reclining!) seating for the whole family.

Bugatti Design Reclining Sofa

Or what about this entirely electric powered living room set, where no matter where you park you are sure to be swept away by comfort.

Elran 4089 Reclining Sofa

We all know sitting for any length of time, especially when sitting improperly, can hurt. With extra lumbar support (like below) your back will thank you for being so stylish.

Palliser Leighton Reclining sofa

No matter which option you choose, today’s motion furniture will be once again that piece everyone runs to. Only this time it’s so nice its Mom’s chair…not Dad’s.

Alex, Your Furniture Expert


Best Slow-Cooker Breakfast Meals

Bacon and eggs, waffles and sausages, yogurt and fruit: these are what breakfasts are made of! Not so fast! According to some internet research, there are actually hundreds of varieties of breakfast foods enjoyed all over the world. So, if you have been eating eggs, ham, yogurt, or cereal, get ready for a wild idea in breakfast foods.

First, a little history. Although the formerly known “crock pot” was patented in 1940, the slow-cooker technology only really soared in the mid-1970s when women returned to the workforce in large numbers. Various appliances brands created their own unique design, sizes and features and so, the competition began to create the best appliance since the toaster!

Some of the benefits from using a slow cooker include creating nutritious meals without the constant supervision and so, freeing up your time to do other tasks like reading a book! Additionally, working outside the home allows you to return after a long hard day to a delicious ready-to-eat meal.

Slow cookers were mostly designed to cook meats, stews, and soups. Pulled pork or chicken recipes are plentiful, but did you know that your favourite breakfast meals can be ready for you at your wake-up time? Imagine sleeping through the night as your slow cooker is magically cooking up your favourite recipe.

Here are my top 2 favourite breakfast meals to wake up to and that get me out the door satisfied!

1) Oatmeal with cinnamon and apples!

There is nothing better on a cool fall morning than warm oatmeal and apples. I start by spraying the inside of the slow cooker with cooking spray or oil and then add the few ingredients. I prefer to use 1 cup of steel cut oats, as these contain the highest nutrition. I add 1 ½ cup of coconut milk, but you can choose your favourite, as well as 1 ½ cups of water, 2 cored and diced apples, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and a pinch of salt. I leave it on slow for about 7 hours and voilá! I like to add some toppings like nuts and fresh berries just before serving.

Breakfast pie with eggs and sweet potatoes!

2) Breakfast pie with eggs and sweet potatoes!

If you love your eggs in the morning, you must try this! In a bowl gently beat 8 eggs, then add 1 shredded medium sweet potato, 1 lb of sliced breakfast sausage. I spice it up with a teaspoon each of basil and garlic powder with a small diced white onion. We love mushrooms and red peppers, so I include some of those with a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. Pour the mixture into your well greased slow cooker on slow for 7 hours to make sure the sausage is cooked through. Remember that left-overs will still be delicious so making a batch won’t be a problem.

These are only 2, but your local bookstore will have several recipe books dedicated to the slow cooker and breakfast. Search online for those meals that take as little as 2 hours for large batches of food for a brunch or breakfast for dinner! Ingredients include all kinds of grains, vegetables, meats, eggs and cheese. For you out there who love your breakfast sweet, you will find recipes with jams and bread, buns and honey. Whatever you enjoy eating in the morning, have it ready and piping hot.

Angela, Your Sleep Expert

How Does Spending More Time Indoors Affect Your Sleep?

How Does Spending More Time Indoors Affect Your Sleep

The water skis and the canoe are put away with the tennis rackets and frisbees. The beach balls are deflated, and the garden furniture is neatly stored in their usual spot to spend the winter. You look at the empty patio and yard covered in snow and suddenly feel sad that another summer is gone. Now what?

Although many people embrace winter with the anticipation of downhill skiing, tobogganing, skating and snowball wars, many cringe at the same thoughts! The shorter days and the cold inspires me to do so much less than I do in the summer. In warmer months, I am more active in my garden, taking long walks by the river, and entertaining on the patio. While during colder temperatures, I do like the bears and hibernate. But, if not careful, it could cause symptoms affecting my sleep.

When we live a more active lifestyle we are getting more oxygen into our blood supply keeping all bodily systems working optimally and allowing us to have a restful sleep. When we spend much less energy, our metabolism slows down causing us to gain more weight, fatigue sets in, and sleep in not as restful or restorative.

Science tells us that due to the shortage of daylight, we tend to produce more melatonin causing us to feel more sluggish. Additionally, Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, brings on episodes of depression and disrupts the sleep cycle.

Colder air requires heating up our homes which can have a drying effect on our skin and sinuses making for an uncomfortable sleep. While in summer months we enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables regularly, they are less available in the colder months causing us to reach for high fat, high-calorie sugar-laden foods which will impact our bodies hormone levels and adversely affect our sleep.

Couple on a treadmill at home

Follow my tips on how I try to avoid the pitfalls of the winter blues while still enjoying the cold winter from the comfort of indoors.

1. Since I don’t like taking long walks in the snow, I make sure to get thirty minutes daily on my treadmill or exercise cycle. If you don’t have any equipment at home, view some cardio videos online and get moving every day. Nothing feels better than getting tired from a good workout.

2. When I am home all day, I make sure to open the blinds and pull back the curtains to get as much daylight into my home as possible! This will help ensure that my moods are balanced.

3. I make sure that I have my humidifiers up and running from the first day I increase the temperature on the thermostat. It is important that I keep my skin from getting dry and itchy and my sinuses moist. Nothing is worse than having an itch you can’t reach while under the covers trying to sleep!

4. I replace my darker decorative tones in throw pillows and blankets from fall to bright festive colours. Colour therapy is a must for me during the long winters as it keeps my surroundings cheerful and when the bright sun shines off the snow banks outside my windows, and streams indoors, well it just makes everything lively.

Keeping my moods high in the winter is the key to staying emotionally balanced when daylight is short, and the temperatures are low. This will yield better choices at meal and snack time, higher energy levels, and ultimately, a restful and restorative sleep!

Gerry, Your Sleep Expert

Designing the Dining Room of Your Dreams the Canadian Way

Canadel Eastside Dining Room Set_Small

Always dreamed of the perfect dining room? The secret formula for the dining room of your dreams may reside behind the concept of the three Cs; Custom, Canadian, and Craftsmanship. Let’s see why.


No two families or homes are the same, so why should our dining rooms be? We each want our own colours, decorations, and unique furniture pieces to suit our lives.

Gone is the old formula of matching hutch, table, chairs, and in is custom. The ability to pick and choose what pieces you need and customize your furniture choices is what’s trending. And customizing goes beyond just furniture styles and pieces, it means picking out your own legs, your own tabletop finishes, fabrics and so much more.

UDesign Canadel

Canadel’s UDesign Online Customization Tool


Oh Canada! You make some wonderful people, places, and things! As long as there has been wonderful wood in Canada, there have been wonderful wood makers and craftsmen creating chairs, benches, tables, and more to last for generations. Choosing products manufactured in Canada means supporting fellow Canadians and our continued heritage of creating beautiful things. It also means supporting our economy and so many other great reasons.


Quality comes from craftsmanship, through care and creating each piece one by one. This artisanal approach to creating furniture is ensuring your dining room will not only last through an epic family turkey disaster, but be there to celebrate milestones well into the future.

Custom Canadian craftsmanship is what BrandSource’s extensive collection of Canadel offers when you are designing the dining room of your dreams. With literally millions of options waiting at your fingertips you can customize your Canadian-made and crafted custom dining room.

Canadel craftmanship_dining room set

canadel craftmanship

Want to be inspired by all the options Canadel provides? Check out their latest Inspired Magazine or visit your local BrandSource store to discuss all the options of custom, Canadian, and crafted furniture we can offer your dining room.

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert

6 Omelettes to Try with Your New KitchenAid Appliances

6 Omelettes to Try with Your New KitchenAid Appliances

There’s just something about breakfast food, and eggs in particular. We’re not sure why people don’t just eat breakfast food all the time, or why other food groups even exist. Not breakfast related? Psh. Get off our table and away from our plates.

Well, if you are like me and just can’t get enough of the scrumptious meals that normally start the day and are looking for some new recipes to test out with your new KitchenAid appliances, don’t worry. Here’s a list of some delicious omelette recipes, so you can try out different twists on a breakfast staple every meal of the day if you want. Yes, even for dessert! Get ready, because it’s time to chow down, omelette style. Nom nom nom.

1. Dr. Seuss’s Magical Surprise

Let’s kick off this list with a little visit to two famous S’s…a little doctor named Seuss and another name you are sure to know: Martha Stewart. What do they both have in common? This Green Eggs and Ham Omelette.

Green Eggs and Ham Omelette

Not only does the omelette include some other healthy staples – like spinach – it boasts a unique green colour that will catch the eyes of even the pickiest of children…or adults. Whip up a few on your KitchenAid range and you’ll see why yourself / or else you’ll end up like an Elf on a Shelf. OK, we’ll leave the rhyming to the Dr., but you’ll want to check this recipe out regardless.

2. Will Smith’s Favourite

Ready to try an omelette that’s a little on the wild, wild West side of things? Yeah, I thought so. This aptly titled Western Omelette only takes a half hour in total to put together, which means you’ll be able to lasso up food for you and the rest of your family faster than a cowboy gallops into the sunset after a hard day of escaping from the sheriff and wrestling with outlaws.

Western Omelette

Warm up your KitchenAid cooktop, add some green and red bell peppers, ham, and scallions, and take a bite out of this vegetable infused omelette great for any time of the day. Yippee Ki-Yay!

3. Masala-mazing

Looking for something with some flavour, spice, and a little bit of punch? This omelette offers all that and more: check out this Indian Masala Omelette recipe. Not every omelette is going to require red chili powder, cilantro leaves, yellow onion, and some chopped tomatoes, but this Masala inspired dish incorporates all of the above into an omelette you are sure to remember. Whoever said breakfast food was boring was so, so wrong. So very wrong, indeed.

Indian Masala Omelette

4. Why Did the Omelette Cross the Road?

To get to your KitchenAid range on the other side, of course. This dish combines the beginning and end stages of a chicken’s life, throwing in some chicken along with the eggs — as well as apples — to form this Chicken Apple Egg White Omelette. It also pulls in some collard leaves and hazelnuts, giving you a good variety of food groups all in one recipe. Don’t tell the kids it’s healthy, and they’ll eat it right up.

Chicken Apple Egg White Omelette

5. More Kimchi, please

Looking for another unusual omelette? Perhaps you cook eggs often and need more ideas to test out with your KitchenAid appliances? Fine, fine, we still have other recipes for you. How about this Kimchi Omelette?


Made with kimchi – duh! – as well as mirin, zucchini, green onion, oil, and pepper, this omelette offers an unexpected twist on an old favourite. It only takes ten minutes, so that’s plenty of time to spend on a bold and new approach to your favourite breakfast food.

6. Breakfast Dessert for…Dinner

Just because it might be typically a breakfast food, that doesn’t mean that omelettes also can’t have some dessert flair to them. I mean, it’s a scientific fact that whip cream tastes good on everything. Everything.

We’ve already included a savoury apple omelette on our list, but how about something a little sweeter? This way, we’ve covered all the bases. Perfect. Let’s take a look.

This cinnamon apple omelette includes apples, sour cream, regular cream, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Give it a try for any meal and see what it is like to have the worlds of breakfast and dessert collide. It’s sure to be a delicious result.

Amanda, Your Appliance Expert

Coffee, Tea or Smoothie? Best Ways to Start Your Day

Coffee, Tea or Smoothie Best Ways to Start Your Day

There is a big debate on what beverage is the best to kick-start your day! Can it be as simple as a tall glass of water or a strong shot of espresso? Perhaps, lemon water or green tea is the best to get your organs hydrated and your blood moving.

The debates vary because there are so many different mindsets, body types and goals that people have. If you are trying to lose weight, then nutritionists suggest starting your day with lemon water. You may follow the belief that organic green tea is the only beverage that will nourish your body in a healthy way. Espresso lovers allow nothing to touch their lips other than the rich crema topped liquid gold.

Let’s review some of these more closely.


Studies show that 16 ounces or 450 ml of room temperature spring non-carbonated water is the best first beverage of the day. After 6-8 hours of sleep, our body is craving water. It not only fires up our metabolism but hydrates our body, fuels up our brain, washes away built-up toxins and can reduce hunger.

Lemon Water

Drinking warm lemon water after we wake gives us a big shot of Vitamin C and protects the body’s immune system. It is known to help clear the skin from the inside out and it is a great PH balancer. It also promotes digestion and is a great addition to a weight loss plan. It also touts anti-inflammatory properties and contains electrolytes to keep the body hydrated.


Whether coffee is our first beverage of the day or the second, most people have become so habituated to the routine that they can’t consider anything else. Nutritionists say that as little as 50ml of black coffee, without adding sugar or milk can be an excellent boost to our metabolism. Although espresso appears strong it has less caffeine than, say, Columbian coffee and some black teas.

Coconut Water

Filled with healthy electrolytes and minerals, coconut water has become a new trend not only for breakfast but any time of the day. It is known to be a great hydrator and metabolism booster.

Berry Smoothie

Berry Smoothie

Berries are loaded with antioxidants and essential nutrients so clearly our body would love this colourful concoction. When we add Greek yogurt, chia seeds, a drizzle of honey we can enjoy a satisfying and nutrient-filled beverage that can keep us going all morning long. When we add some greens and watch the number of sweet berries we add, we can greatly reduce a potential sugar overload. Everything in balance.

I think you will agree that a tall glass of water is perhaps the best beverage to rehydrate your body first thing in the morning, followed by your favourite chaser and breakfast. Whatever your lifestyle, remember to give your body what it needs to function at its best but don’t forget to satisfy your taste buds!

Angela, Your Sleep Expert

10 Kitchen Trends Found on Pinterest

Kitchen trends 2018 - 2019

Do you even remember life before Pinterest? I can lose spend hours of any given day looking through great recipes, craft ideas for the kids, and capsule wardrobes. What I like most about Pinterest though is how much it lets me dream about what my ‘dream bedroom’ and ‘dream kitchen’ would look like (and yes, that’s what those boards are even called). I could pin fabulous faucets until we’re out of rose all day long.

The beauty of my scrolls through Pinterest allows me to see trends and get a feel for what I’m likely going to see in magazines and my favourite home store displays. So dream with me and let’s take a look at what’s trending in kitchens and laundry on Pinterest.

1) Bold Cabinets

Boring white cabinets are starting to take a backstage to bold blues, great greens, and even black.

Source: Pinterest

2) Smart Everything

From appliances to built-in speakers, the smart kitchen is a trend that is really going mainstream and isn’t just for luxury renovations anymore.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

3) Two-toned

Going beyond bold, we’re also seeing lots of opportunities to mix it up (literally!) and go for two-tones.

Source: Pinterest

4) Green

Source: Pinterest

Yes, the colour – on walls, cabinets especially, but also (big surprise) the growing trend of house plants has gained some roots in the kitchen and laundry too.

Bohmian style kitchen with plants
Source: Pinterest

5) Multifunctional: Cook & Entertain

This trend (or is it just a way of life?) of cooking and entertaining in one big kitchen/eating space continues. We’re seeing even more stylish ways to make this big space a beautiful, cozy, functional space for both friends and family.

Source: Pinterest

6) Custom Details

With DIY projects and incredible makers on ETSY more and more of us are making (or having made) amazing custom details to really make our homes more personal.

Source: Pinterest

7) New Storage

With new ways of making cupboards and all the neat DIY ideas you can find on Pinterest, the new ways of thinking about kitchen storage are literally endless! We’re seeing lots of people start to incorporate these into new renos and builds.

Source: Pinterest

8) Lighting Takes Centre Stage

Lighting is no longer just boring (yet functional) pot lights. We’re seeing more and more fabulous chandeliers, great pendants, and even strategically placed floor lamps and task lamps (great for stains in the laundry room!)

Source: Pinterest

9) Fabulous Faucets and Sinks

Faucets are so fabulous now! With so many colours and styles to choose from, the dream kitchen possibilities really are endless.

Source: Pinterest

10) Lay Like a Rug

Rugs in the kitchen are nothing new, but we’re seeing more than just boring floor mats at the sink and stove. We’re seeing bold runners and rugs light up kitchens and laundry rooms in a way we haven’t seen in a while. This warm trend is a great one!

Source: Pinterest

What trends on the horizon are you loving?

Isabelle, Your Appliance Expert

It’s Father’s Day, What’s the Plan?

It’s Father’s Day, What’s the Plan

What do dads really, really want on Father’s Day? Cheeky mugs and slippers are so yesterday’s gift, but still great if you enjoy the typical reaction, “oh, how sweet of you”!

If you are looking, however, for a reaction that is epic in nature, keep reading. Remember the phrase “it’s the thought that counts”? Well, these gift ideas are not only thoughtful but practical and memorable to boot! Dad deserves to be treated with the highest of respect so get him that gift he really deserves.

Here are some thoughtful gift ideas that don’t require any extra space in his home but will live long in his heart.

1) Mobile Spa

It may not be the first gift that comes to your mind, but fathers should be pampered just like moms. A gift certificate for one or more in-home massage sessions will be greatly appreciated. At any age, these spa treatments do one a world of good but, as we get older, they become a routine necessity.

2) Memberships & Subscriptions

Father at the museum

What a treat for dad when his subscriptions or memberships to his favourite activities are all paid up for the year! Paid subscriptions to magazines, coffee-of-the-month club, meal kit delivery service, or memberships to the gym or museum will tell him just how much you support his activities outside the home.

3) A New Bedsheet Set

You want your father to sleep comfortably, and as summer approaches, a cool bedsheet set will definitely come in handy. Purchasing comfortable and breathable mattress accessories would be a great investment. Opt for moisture-wicking or eco-friendly bamboo sheets.

4) Weekend Retreat

Older man doing yoga

He has been taking a more holistic approach to life and has joined a meditation and yoga center. Inquire when their retreats take place and book him in for a weekend or longer retreat. Encourage his journey.

5) Car or Taxi Service

A gift certificate from his local garage for the usual tune-ups will go a long way and lets him know you care about his safety on the road. If dad doesn’t drive, locate a taxi service that will charge your account every time dad needs a lift.

Any way you slice it, Father’s Day this year will be memorable, not only because of your thoughtful gifts but because of you as well!

Angela, Your Sleep Expert

3 Ways to Elevate Your Kitchen With Built-In Appliances

Rebecca Hay esigns - Kitchen with Built-ins
Source: Rebecca Hay Designs

When it comes to kitchen appliance choices, sky is the limit. From colossal kitchens to tiny spaces, from gourmet chefs to amateur re-heaters, there are kitchen appliances to help make your kitchen both more functional and more enjoyable to use. A big way to elevate your space (no matter the size) is by choosing from the wide variety of built-in appliances for your kitchen.

Built-in appliances help elevate both your kitchen and your cooking, here is how.

1) Built-In Appliances Maximize Space

The hallmark of a massive high-end kitchen is built-in appliances, but they are ideal for small spaces too. Allowing for placement right up against the walls, this small amount of extra space is actually HUGE when it comes to ease of use and enjoyment in a small space kitchen. In fact, built-in appliances help maximize space so efficiently they are becoming more and more popular in smaller space saving kitchens and the choice for savvy home cooks.

This dream kitchen even has a built-in flat screen!

This small but well laid out and clean design shows (or hides!) just how well built-ins work in the smallest of spaces to create MORE space.

2) Built-In Appliances Create a Seamless and Streamlined Look

Just like our example above shows, built-ins really help create a streamlined look for your kitchen. The opportunity to panel your built-in fridge and dishwasher to match the cabinetry gives the eye less to focus on, allowing something like a central island or stand out stove top to be the focal point.

The clean lines of this built-in (below) help call the gourmet range to focus and also help the small space feel less small.

Even in this large kitchen, the clean lines and seamless presentation help the kitchen appear even larger, as well as very functional with built-in ovens at the ideal height.

Kitchen with Built-In Appliances

3) Built-In Appliances Offer Flexibility

Mixing and matching built-in appliances and stand-alone ones gives your kitchen the best of space, design, and budget. There is no kitchen law saying all appliances must be one or the other, giving you the opportunity to make your kitchen the best it can be using the best appliance for the job.

Here are a few great examples of how built-ins work with stand-alone appliances to create a beautiful and functional kitchen:

Kitchen with Built-In Appliances
Source: Square Footage Inc.

Kitchen with built-in appliances

Source: Square Footage Inc.

Another way built-ins can offer flexibility is by providing the opportunity to choose a gas stove top and electric oven, versus a stand-alone offering up one or the other. This is one reason you’ll see many bakers with built-in electric ovens and gas stove tops; they enjoy the benefits (and best) of both worlds for baking and cooking.

Need help figuring out what built-ins are right for you? Here’s our handy buying guide: Built-in Kitchen Appliance Buying Guide

Or, better yet – Visit your local BrandSource appliance experts and get to know the products before you purchase, they can provide insight on the products you are researching, the features, and how it compares to other products in the same category.

When in-store, make sure to touch the products, open the doors, pretend to unload, touch the buttons and the drawers. An appliance expert can help guide you through your purchase and make you feel confident in your product choices.

We wish you happy appliance shopping and look forward to being part of the journey.

Isabelle, Your Appliance Expert

5 Functional Traits of Fabulous Foodie Kitchens

ive Functional Traits of Fabulous Foodie Kitchens

It takes a well-thought-out kitchen to help make those Instagram food pictures happen, every good amateur chef and true foodie knows this. Watch any YouTuber with a cooking show, and you’ll know it’s not about the size necessarily but these five fabulous traits of a truly functional foodie kitchen.

1) The Layout

The layout of your kitchen can really have an impact on how you use and enjoy your space. While historically we’ve looked to what designers call the ‘kitchen triangle’ (the ideal arrangement of your key working kitchen elements: the sink, refrigerator, and cooktop) as a guide for a harmonious kitchen environment, we now know it can also be a matter of personal preference and the space available to you. A great galley kitchen can be incredibly functional don’t forget!

2) Functional Food & Beverage Storage

Kitchen Aid Wine Cooler KUWR304EBS

Wine cooler, a must in a Foodie’s kitchen like this KitchenAid Wine Cooler.

The more cold storage the better is the mantra of any avid at home chef. With drawers for cold beers and a wine fridge keeping reds and whites at the perfect temperature, extra cold storage is the hidden secret of any foodie’s kitchen. Even if there isn’t room in the kitchen, a wine fridge and extra cold storage elsewhere in the house can help immensely when hosting family and friends.

3) Intelligent Appliances and Storage Solutions

Rethink how best your cupboards and drawers can work for you. Think about the space you need access to on the regular, and the items you use most frequently and make sure to give these items priority when looking at how best to organize your kitchen. House Beautiful has 35 great ways to help get and keep your kitchen organized.

And don’t let your storage be the only intelligent solution in the space, today’s appliances are redefining normal and helping you at home in so many ways.

4) Lots of Lighting

Lighting can’t be pushed to the shadows! Proper kitchen lighting means plenty of it. A great kitchen has task lighting above your counter/workspaces, overhead lights on dimmers for a variety of moods and tasks, under counter and in cupboard lighting to spotlight family cookbooks and collectable mixing bowls.

5) Plenty of Prep Space

Prep space in kitchen design

A home chef’s kitchen should have lots of preparation space. Image source: Hibou Design & Co

Countertops can sometimes come at a premium, so if it’s prep space you crave for, be sure to banish that countertop clutter and maximize your working area. Any good at home chef knows it’s better to have room for proper knife technique than to have the entire baking row of Bulk Barn in jars nicely displayed on the counter. (That is unless, of course, you have room for it, in which case display away!) Make sure to light your prep space properly (see above) and also have it centrally located to other appliances (as part of your triangle, perhaps?).

What is something you look for in your dream kitchen? Not too sure how your kitchen can become more functional? Pop into your local BrandSource store to chat with our appliance experts who can help make your dream kitchen a reality.

Isabelle, Your Appliance Expert