Quebec-Made Furniture: How to Find Them and Why Buy them

Made in Quebec Furniture how to find them and why buy them

Reclining Sofa Collection by Elran

It’s long been known that the label Made in Quebec is synonymous with quality in furniture, but did you also know that Quebec-made furniture comes in a wide range of styles and price?

Curious to know what gives “Made in Quebec” furniture that certain je ne sais quoi? Read on!

What Exactly Does Made in Quebec Mean for Furniture?

Quebec-made furniture is designed and manufactured by qualified workers in a workshop or factory located in the province of Quebec. In fact, the furniture industry in Quebec provides nearly 25,000 direct jobs in 1500 different locations and is one of the seven largest employers in manufacturing, just after the food sector.

So it’s quite simple, really. When you buy Quebec, a beneficial ripple effect occurs in the form of support for local jobs and local economies.

At BrandSource, we’re proud to say that the 21 owner-operated Quebec retailers offer over 72% of their product selection from local Quebec manufacturers.

In-Store or On-Line: How Do You Know Your Furniture Was Made in Quebec?

Look for the Fleur de Lys

Finding Quebec-made furniture is easy. Just look for the Fleur de Lys logo from the Quebec Furniture Manufacturers’ Association (QFMA). It can be found on store windows and tent cards. It also carries the headline Meuble du Québec.

Meubles du Québec logoIn-store identification

Who Are the Quebec Furniture Manufacturers?

Actually, there are more than 105 manufacturers that are proud to call Quebec home, including such well-known brands as Elran, Canadel, Bélisle Furniture, Julien Beaudoin, Amisco, Arboit Poitras, Jaymar, Bugatti Design. To learn more about them and discover others, we invite you to visit the Meuble du Québec website.

Such depth in this manufacturing sector means that there is something for every sense of style and budget. Plus, whatever you select, you also will be able to customize it. So go ahead, express yourself! Customize your dining room and bedroom furniture, and while you’re at it, include the sofa, loveseat, sectional and recliner as well.

Canadel Dining Room Set

Solid Wood Dining Room Set by Canadel

7 Reasons to Say OUI to Made-in-Quebec Furniture

Your decision to Buy Quebec says a lot about you:

  1. You value the quality of craftsmanship and durability of furniture produced here.
  2. You delight in the choice of colours, fabrics, leathers, size options.
  3. You recognize the talent, creativity and know-how of local manufacturers.
  4. You benefit from the quality of your purchase and the price that fits your budget.
  5. You care for the environment by selecting furniture that has not travelled halfway around the world and lowers the carbon footprint.
  6. You support local economies and job creation.
  7. You cultivate the use of native wood species that are better adapted to our northern climate.

Need New Furniture?

Visit one of our member-owned BrandSource stores to see their vast selection of Quebec-made furniture. I’m certain that, like a growing number of Quebecers, you will fall in love with the furniture made right here.

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert

Why Technology and Your Sealy Posturepedic Should Always Stay Separate

How does blue light affects your sleep

Do you tend to lull yourself to sleep with your smartphone in hand? Do you like to check your messages right as you greet the day, before even getting out of bed?

If so, you’re not alone. Some surveys have shown that up to 95 percent of adults use electronics within an hour of trying to fall asleep, and nearly 80 percent grab their phones and start scrolling again within 15 minutes of waking. But before you get too comfortable thinking of your smartphone as an extension of your arm, you should know that all that screen time could be seriously damaging your sleep.

Here at our store, we’re all about getting you the best sleep possible, but even our best Sealy Posturepedic mattresses can’t do you much good if you’re glued to your phone all night! Tech can do a lot of damage to your nightly sleep, and keeping the two as far apart as possible can help you avoid a major case of screen-somnia.

How Technology Affects Sleep

In today’s fast-paced world, slowing down and setting aside the constant stimulation you get from smartphones and computers can seem like an impossible task. Checking emails, keeping up to date on the news, and scrolling through pictures of friends feels like an all-hours responsibility for lots of people, but the benefits of setting that aside around bedtime are worth the initial separation anxiety.

The problem comes down to the type of light your screens all emit. Blue light comes from every screen you use, from your flat screen TV down to your smartphone, and it’s been known to inhibit the production of melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep. Enough screen time before bed, and you’ll be wide awake long after you put your devices away, wondering what went wrong.

This blue light can also lead to interrupted sleep. That means that even if you’ve invested in the right Sealy Posturepedic mattress, the right bed frame, the right everything you need for the perfect night of sleep, too much screen time will have you waking up groggy every morning.

Letting technology invade bedtime can also have a major psychological impact. That feeling of having to be on top of work and communication all the time creates an ever-present tension that’s hard to shake, even after you set your devices aside. You might start to stay up late stressing about all the things you should be doing online or worrying about missing a phone call or important email. All that stress keeps you from enjoying time with your partner in the evening and truly unwinding at the end of your day. So start breaking those bad habits, and learn to let go of round-the-clock mental stimulation — trust us, your brain will thank you.

Technologies affect your sleep

How to Keep Sleep and Tech Apart

The first thing you should do is keep large screens far, far away from your bedroom. Televisions, tablets, and laptops should find a home in the living room or office, where you can’t be tempted to keep working from bed or to fall asleep with your favourite shows running in the background.

Cell phones are a little trickier — many people use their cell phones as an alarm clock or like to have them nearby in case there’s an emergency at work. But unless you’re literally an emergency responder, chances are that most work crises can wait until the morning. Your time at home should be yours, and you won’t be able to work at full capacity while you’re at the job if you haven’t had time to decompress at home. If you can, swap out your cell phone for an old-school alarm clock without any lights and leave your cell phone plugged in across the room, or in the living room if possible. That way you can resist the temptation to start working as soon as you open your eyes, and you’ll start your day off with unnecessary stress.

If you really can’t avoid keeping your cell phone near your bed, be firm about setting it aside in a drawer, or with the screen turned completely off. An eye mask is another great way to block out any ambient light from cell phones or other electronics you keep in your room. But if you can, we recommend making your bedroom, or at least the bed itself, a totally tech-free zone.

If you’ve been tossing and turning, try taking the screen-free bedtime challenge! You won’t believe the difference you’ll feel after a full, restful, smartphone-free sleep. But if you’re still not feeling as rested as you could be, the problem might run deeper than blue light — it might be deep in your mattress itself! Your sleep is important to us, so if this sounds like you, we’re here to help! Stop by and ask our associates how a new Sealy Posturepedic mattress can improve your sleep or give us a call for even more info on how to get the best out of your nightly rest.

Angela, Your Sleep Expert

Sick and Bored in Your Beautyrest? Have Fun with These Ideas

Sick and Bored in Your Beautyrest Have Fun with These Ideas

When you’re stuck at home and feeling miserably sick, there’s no one that will be there for you quite like your Beautyrest mattress. And sometimes it may take hours and hours of sleep for you to start feeling like yourself again. But, when you’re on the cusp of feeling pretty good, but still not completely 100 percent, that’s when the boredom starts to take hold. Lying in bed, just waiting to get better, can feel like a lifetime of wasting away.

The only way to get through this awkward healing process is a supportive mattress and a couple fun distractions. Luckily, you can find the right Beautyrest for you and your sick days at our store! And when you’re struggling to get well soon, try out these fun ideas to keep you company during your bed-ridden time.

1. Watch a Movie Trilogy

If there’s a movie series that you’ve missed out on in your life, there is really no better time to catch up than when you’re sick in bed. Not only will you be entertained for hours, you’ll never have to hear your friends’ shocked and disappointed comments, “You’ve NEVER seen THIS amazing film in your life?!? Have you been living under a rock this whole time?” Avoid another one of these awkward encounters by getting started on your trilogy watching journey when you’re sick.

A few good films that could be viewed during your sick time include “Back to the Future,” “Lord of the Rings,” “The Matrix,” “The Hunger Games,” or “The GodFather.” But, if you’re looking for something a little lighter on the action and drama, you can always watch “Toy Story” 1-3, or even the ridiculous yet loveable “Austin Powers” trilogy.

No matter what you watch, you’ll want to be comfortable, so find a Beautyrest mattress from our store to make your tv watching experience the comfiest it can be.

2. Colour Your Heart Out

Whoever says colouring is for little kids has never coloured a colouring book for adults. These intricate colouring books were made for grown-ups looking for a creative outlet, and even for those coping with stress.

All you need for this little project is a colouring book and some coloured pencils, crayons, or vibrant permanent markers. One of our firm mattresses would be perfect for this occasion! Be warned though, these colouring books aren’t always easy! They are made to take some time to finish, so get cozy in your Beautyrest and have some fun!

things to do when you are sick - colouring as an adult

3. Plan an Event

Be productive during your time in bed and plan a fun event for when you get better! Have you been wanting to take a road trip? Now’s the time to do the research and figure out the financials! Maybe you’ve been wanting to throw a birthday party for yourself in a couple months. Now’s the time to get a theme set and start building around that. With an adjustable bed base and a Beautyrest mattress from our store, you’ll be able to sit up in bed and plan away all the details to your next event with comfort.

It’s up to you how elaborate you want to plan but sitting in bed with nothing to do is the perfect time to pull your ideas together and come up with something exciting.

When you’re fighting a cold, there’s not really much that you want other than a bed that comforts you. If your mattress is doing more hurting than comforting, come on down to our store to find the one that will be perfect for those sick days in bed. And when that’s all said and done, be sure to try out one or all of these ideas to help keep you occupied during your best rest.

Angela, Your Sleep Expert

Signature Design by Ashley: Functional Furniture That Will Change Your World

Signature Design by Ashley: Functional Storage Ottoman with Tray

When clutter becomes a problem and more space is needed, functional furniture can play a key role in your decorating. Who says your coffee table can’t pull out to be a dining table? Who says your computer desk can’t easily disguise itself as a console table? These are just a few examples that prove how smart and beneficial functional furniture can be. If you are someone who treasures open space or has the mindset that less is more, then this may be the way to go. Make your life easier with the help of these functional pieces:

Ottoman Storage

Instead of just having a comfy place to prop your feet up while lounging on the couch, your ottoman has the ability to be much more. Imagine the cushion your feet are resting on to be a lid that can easily slide off. Feeling cold? No need to get up – just take your feet down and pull out blankets from within the ottoman’s storage. You could store games, remote controls, slippers, or whatever you want!

Shop Storage Ottoman

Lift Top Coffee Table

Coffee Table Lift TopT444-9-OPEN

Coffee tables tend to take the place of dining tables, especially for people with smaller spaces. Sitting on the couch and eating at the coffee table doesn’t sound like such a bad situation, but it can cause more pain than pleasure at times. Your neck and back tend to hunch over, causing much discomfort. Luckily functional furniture from Signature Design by Ashley makes coffee tables that lift at the tabletop. Now when you go in for a bite, you won’t be causing stress on your spine.

Shop Lift Top Cocktail Table

Bed with Drawers/Headboard Shelves

Bed with storage headboard and footboard B721

A regular bedframe holds a mattress, but a functional bedframe holds a mattress and then some. Some of these bedroom furniture pieces are made with extra drawers so you have extra space for clothes! Others have built-in shelves on the headboard giving you easy access to a book, a glass of water, your laptop, or anything else you want within arm’s reach.

Shop Storage Beds

Having functional furniture helps you keep your house less messy, and you more organized. Talk to a sales associate at your local furniture store about Signature Design by Ashley functional furniture to see what kind of pieces you may want in your home!

Alex, Your Furniture Expert

6 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for a Better Sleep

6 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for a Better Sleep

Flowers and chocolates are so yesterday’s gift but don’t get me wrong, they’re great to receive just the same. They just lack that, you know, WOW factor! So, what do mom’s really, really want on Mother’s Day? Well, you would be surprised at just some of the gifts moms really appreciate. Yes, getting more sleep is surely one of them! But how does one go about getting mom a better and more improved sleep experience and quality of life? With a little serious effort, this Mother’s Day will be one for the books!

Here is our preferred list of Mother’s Day gifts to help her feel extra special all year long:

1) New Bedroom Décor

If Mom’s bedroom hasn’t benefited from an update since you were in kindergarten, then perhaps it’s time to send her off for the day and turn it into an oasis she deserves. A splash of new paint will go very far or perhaps new bedding and sheets you know she will love are all gifts she will appreciate for many years to come. You can find some great ideas in our following  blog article: Tasteful Master Bedrooms.

2) New Pillow

Has your mom been complaining of neck pain in the morning? If so, determine the type of sleeper she is, that is side, back or stomach and you can easily find the perfect pillow for her needs. Consider moisture-wicking fabrics and firmness levels she will appreciate. Want to surprise her even more? Give her a pillow infused with essential oils to provide her with a pampered sleep and wellness experience.

6 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for a Better Sleep

3) New Mattress

Bed-in-a-Box and adjustable foundations are all the rage because of their exceptional support and comfort. Giving mom a new mattress will really surprise her and give her many years of great quality sleep! With a typical 90-day guarantee, mom can always switch it up if she needs to!

4) Luxury Sheets

You know your mom is practical and always buys easy to wash sheets; cool comfort for those summer nights or toasty microfibre for the colder nights of winter. What about a luxurious Egyptian cotton sheet set? You know she’ll never buy them, but she will surely appreciate the feel of luxury on her skin when she tries them! If you need some help in deciding, read our blog on the subject: Thread Count, Fibers and Weaves! What’s in Your Bed Sheets – Part 1.

5) Sleep Mask

This may seem like a luxury item to most moms but once she discovers the healing benefits of a lavender filled mask or its ability to cut out any light coming through her curtains, she will be forever grateful for improving her sleep experience!

6 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for a Better Sleep

6) Weekend Retreat

For something a little different, consider a weekend get-away! She has been taking a more holistic approach to her wellness routine and has joined a meditation and yoga centre. Give her a Mother’s Day to remember with a weekend wellness retreat! Encourage her journey.

If it’s a new bed, pillow, sheets or mattress you are looking for, then visit your local BrandSource retailer and begin the planning stages to give your Mom a day to remember! Any way you slice it, Mother’s Day this year will be like the richest buttercream icing over her favourite carrot cake that she can enjoy over and over again!

Gerry, Your Sleep Expert

The Right Finish for Your Bosch Appliance

Choosing the Right Finish for Your Bosch Kitchen Appliances

Imagine your kitchen has absolutely no major appliances. It’s basically a blank canvas, ready for you to install completely new Bosch appliances of any design and with any finish you want.

So, what do you choose?

It’s not an easy decision to make. Stainless steel may be a timeless finish, but maybe you’re looking for black appliances that make a statement in your kitchen. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong, but we’ve got the lowdown on all the different appliance finishes available to you. Take these finishes into consideration when in the market for a new suite of Bosch appliances.

Contemporary like stainless steel

If there’s one appliance finish that people love, it’s stainless steel. And how could you not? This appliance finish goes well with EVERYTHING. It has the power to make any old kitchen feel new and modern.

Most stainless steel appliances are fingerprint-resistant now as well, making these guys perfect for those curious kids who like to put their little fingers all over the place. If you’re looking for something that will play it safe in your kitchen, getting Bosch major appliances with a stainless steel finish is the way to go.

Black when you’re feeling bold

If you love drama, black or black stainless steel may be the next best colour for your Bosch appliances. It’s such an intense hue that when paired with any other colour (especially white), it makes quite the vivid contrast. If you are all about making a statement, this will definitely do the job!

Choosing the Right Finish for Your Bosch Kitchen Appliances (2)

You may want to stay away from this appliance finish if you have a smaller space. Having a lot of black in a small area can make your kitchen look tiny and crowded. Avoid this finish altogether if you want an open and bright kitchen.

White brings in the light

White appliances are classic and clean, making every minimalist shout for joy at the sight of them. While it seems like they may get dirty often due to their milky exterior, this is a small price to pay. It’s all worth it for the amount of brightness a white-appliance-filled kitchen can bring into your home. Not to mention, it has the ability to expand a small room, so it seems much larger than it actually is.

If your ideal kitchen has light coloured marble countertops with white cabinets, adding white appliances to the mix will really illuminate the entire room.

Who says you have to choose only one?

If you can’t make up your mind about which appliance finish you want, there’s nothing wrong with mixing and matching! Talk to an expert today to get more information on Bosch appliance finishes and which ones would look best in your home!

Amanda, Your Appliance Expert

Bosch Dishwashers: 3 Reasons Why They Are the Best

Bosch Dishwashers 3 Reasons Why They Are the Best

If you’re looking for the perfect dishwasher, then you’ve probably heard of Bosch. As the number-one-selling dishwasher brand in the world, Bosch is the most trusted dishwasher on the market.

But what makes Bosch dishwasher the better choice?

It’s Quiet.

Bosch’s patented Eco Silence design uses two small suspended motors to reduce noise and vibration compared to traditional single motor dishwashers. With multiple layers of insulation, a solid moulded base to absorb sound, and precision spray technology that reduces noise by aiming water away from the drum, Bosch dishwashers are the quietest in their class.

Flexible Design Solutions.

With 5 timeless design options, a Bosch dishwasher is the perfect addition to any kitchen. The RackMatic adjustable middle rack offers 3 height options and 9 different rack positions. Even when it’s full, you can adjust it with the touch a button.

Add Bosch’s FlexSpace tines, 3 different third rack designs, and the deepest tub on the market and you’ve got one of the most versatile dishwashers ever made.

Exceptional Performance.

Above all else, with a Bosch dishwasher, you get exceptional cleaning performance. Bosch’s PrecisionWash System uses intelligent sensors to repeatedly scan dishes and adjust the wash cycle as needed. The Grindless triple filtration system quietly and effectively removes all food particles from the tub and the automatic water softener ensures that hard water deposits aren’t left behind.

In short, when it comes to dishwashers, Bosch just does it better.

Whatever you’re looking for, with a Bosch dishwasher for every budget, the perfect dishwasher is waiting for you.

Don’t waste any more time, shop for our Bosch dishwashers HERE.

Isabelle, Your Appliance Expert

Kids’ Room: How to Make Them Fun and Functional

Kid's Room How to Make Them Fun and Functional

Children grow up fast. Their tastes change and so must the decoration of their room. Here are a few fun and functional ideas for you to get the most out of your kids’ room.

Beds and Storage

Kids beds now have almost limitless solutions. Need extra sleeping space? Trundle beds are an amazing option.

If the room is small but has lots of height, try an elevated loft bed – basically a bunk bed without the bottom bunk. This is a great way to add vertical storage and use the underneath for desk, bookcase, toys, or a creative zone.

Bunk beds are always popular, especially in rooms for siblings who share. With any kids’ bed, be sure to look for options with storage built in, like drawers underneath.

Make storage solutions with kids in mind. Getting a child to help clean their room is much easier when storage is open, accessible, and at their level. Open shelving with baskets or buckets is great for toys and clothes. Another place to make kid friendly is the closet. Having shelving and hanging spaces at their level can help them keep tidy (and keep you sane).

Make it Colourful

A great kids room encourages creativity and play, and this is where décor can really help. Kids aren’t afraid of colour, so go with it and be bold. This is where you can utilize accessories, rather than buying a red bed that you hope goes off to University.

Another great way to get the most of your kids’ room is to let them have the say when it comes to colours and themes. If your child enjoys the space, they will be more likely to use it and be happy there. With lots of removable decal options out there today, putting up a wall of space themed items, or a full zoo of animals can make a room that encourages play and doesn’t cause too much headache when they want to remove them and graduate to a more teen-like room.

Regardless of which phase your kids’ room is in, there are countless solutions in space saving, multi-functional, kid-friendly furniture waiting for you.

This room below takes advantage of the vertical height by using a loft style bed. This allows for extra storage space underneath. Source: Houzz

This cute little corner allows a space for creativity and display. With a simple storage solution and accessible buckets, this is the place for any little creative. Source: Houzz
Source: Houzz
This small space packs big impact! It’s a book nook and bed nook all in one. Both stylish and storage friendly, this solution is simple and elegant.
This is a great bed space solution. A nice fort-like space is made just by elevating the bed a bit. Source: Houzz
Storage, storage, and more storage! This room with its functional bunk bed gets even more functional with additional under bed storage and oodles of closet space. Source: Houzz
These bright storage boxes really add personality and functionality to this room. Source: Houzz

Inspired? Shop our kids’ furniture and see for yourself the amazing selection of solutions to help you get the most out of your kids’ room.

Shop Kids’ Bedroom Furniture

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert

Sleeping Together: Tips for Couples to Sleep in Peace

Couples having problems sleeping together

Partners in life occasionally need their space. It’s important for the health of the relationship that we individually take time to address our own personal needs – especially when it comes to sleep.

Whether together for many years or just a few weeks, spending time together is very important for the health of the relationship. I would argue, however, don’t mess with my sleep or else!

Cuddlers and snugglers, spooners and holders hopefully can meet their match otherwise, one of them will not be too pleased!

The Snugglers

If you’ve always snuggled with a stuffed bear right into your college days, there will be a good chance that you enjoy the closeness that cuddling and spooning bring. It is important to have that conversation early in the relationship to avoid any issues. Disrupted sleep over time can bring out the bear in anyone!

The Sheet Hogger

If you or your significant other keeps grabbing the lion’s share of the sheets, there are two options to consider and have everyone singing “Hakuna Matata” in no time! Adjustable beds can resolve many issues for couples where they would each have their own set of sheets and still remain close! If that is not a viable solution, purchasing a king-sized comforter for a queen or double bed may seem excessive but no one will be left out in the cold!

Couples having problems sleeping together (2)

The Starfish Sleeper

If you have a partner who is a mattress real estate snatcher leaving you on the edge of a cliff night after night, it’s time to consider a larger bed. King size beds will offer enough space for two people, and a pet, to sleep comfortably and undisturbed. This type of sleeper will usually take all the space they have available, so if possible, having separate bedrooms is an option!

The Snorer

If there is a deep sleeper and snorer coupled with a light sleeper, I’m sorry to hear that! Kidding aside, solutions include playing white noise, wearing earplugs, or, what seems to be a real trend, sleeping in different rooms. Studies show that couples can still retain intimacy and build a strong relationship while choosing to sleep in separate rooms. Some even find it very civilized!

You’re Sub-Zero and They’re Tropical

Bedroom temperatures have started more arguments than when choosing pizza toppings! Experts recommend that the best sleeping temperatures be around 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) but that may be a bit too chilly for some. To avoid overheating or chills, partners need to meet halfway. Keeping the sheets to a crisp cotton rather than microfibre or fleece is a better choice as you can add layers to suit your needs. Those who prefer tropical temps, can wear cozy socks and flannel sleepwear with an extra blanket on their side of the bed. It’s much easier to add to your comfort needs than to take away.

Besides sleeping in separate rooms which is becoming a veritable option these days, partners can easily find creative ways to stay close while keeping their personal sleep preferences intact.

Consult with your sleep experts at your local mattress retailer, they will help find the best sleeping solution for you and your significant other.

Gerry, Your Sleep Expert

Samsung Convection Oven: Why You Should Try Cooking with One

Samsung Convection Oven Why You Should Try Cooking with One

Considering a Samsung Convection Oven is a testament to the fact that new things can produce great results! Discover how replacing your traditional range or wall oven with a convection oven could give you a more evenly cooked meal.

How it Works

Convection ovens use a fan, unlike conventional ovens, which blows out hot air all over your food. Instead of having to turn your food throughout its cooking process, a Samsung Convection Oven would eradicate that step and evenly surround your food with the hot air. Fine Cooking explains it best by saying, “When cold air blows against you on a blustery winter day, you feel colder more quickly than you do on a windless day of the same temperature.”

Why It’s Better

From cooking faster to saving energy, Samsung Convection Ovens beat the traditional oven in a number of ways. If you’re someone who likes to cook a lot, having a convection oven should speed up the cooking time by 25 percent. Not to mention, conventional ovens tend to get humid, which isn’t exactly what you want. Having moisture float around can mess up certain foods which is why having a Samsung Convection Oven circulating the air helps diminish the moisture from hurting the food you’re about to enjoy. And because convection ovens usually cook food faster, you’ll be using yours far less than with a traditional oven.

Samsung Convection Oven

In addition to offering you innovative features and outstanding good looks, Samsung appliances are also powerful when the time comes to put them to work. Find one at your local appliance retailer to start cooking those meals at lightning speed! You’ll never want to go back to the traditional way – not when everything you cook comes out evenly cooked while also saving you money!

Talk to a sales associate to learn more about Samsung’s Convection Ovens available in wall ovens and ranges, their specific features, and why you need one in your life!

Read more about convection cooking in our previous blog article: Your Convection Oven Cooking Questions Answered

Amanda, Your Appliance Expert