We all aim to be the ultimate host serving up everything piping hot from the oven without somehow breaking a sweat, and we all aim to be the mom (or dad) who makes meals memorable, all we’re asking for is a little helping hand in the kitchen.

If you answer YES to these three following questions, a dual oven might be exactly the helping hand you need.

• Do you wish you had more oven space for easier entertaining?
• Do you wish there was an extra set of hands to help cook?
• Do you wish to save time in the kitchen?

You can leave the clone army to the stars. In the real world sometimes, all mere normal folks need is a little extra help in the kitchen in the shape of a dual oven (which is surprisingly similar to the shape of a regular oven).

Today’s dual ovens offer up an army of support for kitchen mavens. We’ve rounded up our top three ways the dual oven can transform your cooking.

1) Savings: Time, Space & Money

Affordable: Today’s dual oven ranges are more affordable than ever. No longer relegated to the high-end professional series, dual ovens are joining the ranks of every officer in the army of kitchen helpers.

Time: In addition to being affordable, dual oven offers up huge savings in time. I know how much I value any extra moment at home with the ones I love! The ability to cook multiple dishes at the same time is a huge time saver and greatly helps with both everyday meals and entertaining. Who doesn’t love a steady stream of hot appetizers?!

Space: It’s like having two ovens without losing valuable storage or cupboard space to a second oven.

2) Variety

Variety is the spice of life, and the options in today’s dual ovens are no exception. With options offering up toasting features (removing the need for more counter clutter!) and the innovative Samsung Flex Duo, there are a variety of ways to enjoy the dual range. With a variety of styles, features, and price points there are dual oven options for every kitchen, cook, and budget.

Consumer Reports has some helpful tips on what to look for and their ever-helpful reviews, here.

3) Easier Entertaining

I remember my grandmother keeping the old stove in the garage just to help with entertaining. She would run back and forth, making sure all the food was hot and enjoyed. Thinking back now, I wonder how much SHE enjoyed all that running around. With the ability to entertain and cook up everyday meals with the convenience of two ovens in not only the same room but same space, dual ovens are helping make entertaining much easier.

Still exploring all the options today’s ranges offer? We’ve got a helpful list of some of today’s hottest and most helpful features.

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Isabelle, Your Appliance Expert