4 Ways Samsung Smart Refrigerators Can Streamline Your Planning

It’s not what can you do for your fridge, but what can your fridge do for you?

Grocery Shopping & Food Preparation

Samsung smart fridge helps you manage your fridge space and simplify your grocery list. Interior cameras sync with your smartphone and allow you to see inside your refrigerator from the grocery store. Make your shopping list with the built-in touch screen and transfer the list to your phone. This way, you’ll be able to shop for everything you need and will no longer struggle to remember if you’re out of milk or eggs.

If you have a hard time remembering shopping lists and cooking instructions, there’s a much easier way. Your favourite recipes can be printed on the backlit screen, allowing your smart fridge to recommend meal ideas based on what ingredients you have on hand, and what you still need to pick up. Food reminders even let you know when certain food items are near their expiration date so you can control the temperature settings to keep food properly chilled for longer. Whether you call it a smart fridge or your official sous chef, let your fridge help you decide what’s for dinner and reduce the stress of nightly meal prep.

More Family Time

samsung family hub calendar and to do list

Samung Family Hub Smart Fridges come with an extensive list of apps and special features to keep you and your family connected. Built-in calendars allow you to share schedules and weekly plans with family members–meaning no more missing appointments, double-booking events, or arriving late to the dinner table.

Set to-do lists, draw pictures, and leave homework reminders for the kids when they’re home alone. If your daily routine is hectic, set a nightly reminder for everyone to take a break and come together for mealtime. Everyone in your house will know exactly when it’s time to eat–deciding when it’s time for dishes is still up for debate.

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Plan for Fun

Watching TV on your Samsung Fridge

Most people don’t typically associate refrigerators with fun, but that’s about to change. You can play music directly from your Samsung smart fridge for entertainment, ambiance, or kitchen dance parties. If you’re still busy in the kitchen preparing the pregame appetizers and don’t want to miss a play, set up your fridge screen to mirror your television–keeping you in touch with the action taking place on the field and in the kitchen.

Another fascinating feature is the ability to browse the web. A built-in web browser allows you to research cook times, unique recipes, or help with after-dinner homework. Don’t just make plans for dinner, make plans to enjoy yourself while you’re in the kitchen.

Keep Connected

If other appliances in your home have smart features, you can sync them together to monitor your smart home setup directly from your refrigerator. See who’s at the front door when the dog starts barking, control lights and thermostats, and see into other rooms in the house to check on the kids.

A Samsung Family hub smart fridge is more than a gimmick, it helps to create a central hub for managing all aspects of your home from the most central location–the kitchen.

When you have a busy household, it pays to be smart. If you need help finding the right smart fridge to streamline your cooking and your daily routine, pay us a visit, and we’ll help you find the Samsung smart fridge that will perfectly match your needs.

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Amanda, Your Appliance Expert