6 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for a Better Sleep

Flowers and chocolates are so yesterday’s gift but don’t get me wrong, they’re great to receive just the same. They just lack that, you know, WOW factor! So, what do mom’s really, really want on Mother’s Day? Well, you would be surprised at just some of the gifts moms really appreciate. Yes, getting more sleep is surely one of them! But how does one go about getting mom a better and more improved sleep experience and quality of life? With a little serious effort, this Mother’s Day will be one for the books!

Here is our preferred list of Mother’s Day gifts to help her feel extra special all year long:

1) New Bedroom Décor

If Mom’s bedroom hasn’t benefited from an update since you were in kindergarten, then perhaps it’s time to send her off for the day and turn it into an oasis she deserves. A splash of new paint will go very far or perhaps new bedding and sheets you know she will love are all gifts she will appreciate for many years to come. You can find some great ideas in our following  blog article: Tasteful Master Bedrooms.

2) New Pillow

Has your mom been complaining of neck pain in the morning? If so, determine the type of sleeper she is, that is side, back or stomach and you can easily find the perfect pillow for her needs. Consider moisture-wicking fabrics and firmness levels she will appreciate. Want to surprise her even more? Give her a pillow infused with essential oils to provide her with a pampered sleep and wellness experience.

6 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for a Better Sleep

3) New Mattress

Bed-in-a-Box and adjustable foundations are all the rage because of their exceptional support and comfort. Giving mom a new mattress will really surprise her and give her many years of great quality sleep! With a typical 90-day guarantee, mom can always switch it up if she needs to!

4) Luxury Sheets

You know your mom is practical and always buys easy to wash sheets; cool comfort for those summer nights or toasty microfibre for the colder nights of winter. What about a luxurious Egyptian cotton sheet set? You know she’ll never buy them, but she will surely appreciate the feel of luxury on her skin when she tries them! If you need some help in deciding, read our blog on the subject: Thread Count, Fibers and Weaves! What’s in Your Bed Sheets – Part 1.

5) Sleep Mask

This may seem like a luxury item to most moms but once she discovers the healing benefits of a lavender filled mask or its ability to cut out any light coming through her curtains, she will be forever grateful for improving her sleep experience!

6 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for a Better Sleep

6) Weekend Retreat

For something a little different, consider a weekend get-away! She has been taking a more holistic approach to her wellness routine and has joined a meditation and yoga centre. Give her a Mother’s Day to remember with a weekend wellness retreat! Encourage her journey.

If it’s a new bed, pillow, sheets or mattress you are looking for, then visit your local BrandSource retailer and begin the planning stages to give your Mom a day to remember! Any way you slice it, Mother’s Day this year will be like the richest buttercream icing over her favourite carrot cake that she can enjoy over and over again!

Gerry, Your Sleep Expert