Sleeping surfaces have come a long way since gathering some prickly straw or branches under layer of softer leaves or animal skin in the Neolithic era. Beds were intended to be raised off the ground away from insects, dirt and the coldness of the soil. In Ancient Rome, bags of cloth were stuffed with straw, reeds, wool, or feathers for the wealthy.

A Bit of History

It wasn’t until the early 19th century when coils were introduced for bedding and so the structured model we know of today was born. In 1865, Harrods sold a water bed resembling large water bottles via mail order. What a concept! The 1940s raised the curtain on the futon to make its debut, and the 1960s saw the waterbed make exciting strides in the industry. The 1980s saw the inflatable mattress rise to the top while 1999 was a banner year for the new format of the queen-sized bed!

Invention of the innerspring mattress

Source: Leggett & Platt

The 21st century has continued to reveal the speed in which progress has been made in the sleep industry where comfort, choice and science are priority. Technology has stepped into the bedroom where on-demand comfort level requests are instantly achieved with the click of a button. Smart phones tell us how well we sleep or remind us we need to do better. What can possibly beat all this?

Convenience can now be added to that list of priorities. Young professionals to seniors want to spend more time on pleasurable activities so if there is a mundane task like buying a new mattress that can be minimized to just a few clicks on a computer, they’re on it.

And Then Came the Bed-In-A-Box

The bed-in-a-box is the newest trend in mattress purchasing. As the word entails, it comes rolled up in a box the size of a small apartment-sized fridge: it all depends on the size of bed you purchase. They are available in most standard sizes like twin to king so your current sheets and comforters don’t need to be changed. They are available in most foam and gel materials, and fabrics that meet your specific preferences.

Just because your mattress can now come in a box, quality and comfort have not been compromised. With daily advancements in foam technologies, only the best material is used to withstand the rolling up of your mattress and give you the comfort you expect! How cool is that? Oh, and speaking of cool, for those who need, there is a cool gel technology available too for those who prefer it cooler than toasty. Win! Win!

Quick and easy purchases with a speedy delivery and return policy that would be the envy of many stores are at your fingertips. Great warranties are attached to your purchase, and carry a 90 to 100-night trial guarantee. If it’s not meeting your specific expectations, pack it up and bring it back!

If you have a spare room that can be transformed into a guest room, or your youngest child is ready for a grown-up bed, consider bed-in-a-box for easy shopping, delivery and set up!

Gerry, Your Sleep Expert