Kid's Room How to Make Them Fun and Functional

Children grow up fast. Their tastes change and so must the decoration of their room. Here are a few fun and functional ideas for you to get the most out of your kids’ room.

Beds and Storage

Kids beds now have almost limitless solutions. Need extra sleeping space? Trundle beds are an amazing option.

If the room is small but has lots of height, try an elevated loft bed – basically a bunk bed without the bottom bunk. This is a great way to add vertical storage and use the underneath for desk, bookcase, toys, or a creative zone.

Bunk beds are always popular, especially in rooms for siblings who share. With any kids’ bed, be sure to look for options with storage built in, like drawers underneath.

Make storage solutions with kids in mind. Getting a child to help clean their room is much easier when storage is open, accessible, and at their level. Open shelving with baskets or buckets is great for toys and clothes. Another place to make kid friendly is the closet. Having shelving and hanging spaces at their level can help them keep tidy (and keep you sane).

Make it Colourful

A great kids room encourages creativity and play, and this is where décor can really help. Kids aren’t afraid of colour, so go with it and be bold. This is where you can utilize accessories, rather than buying a red bed that you hope goes off to University.

Another great way to get the most of your kids’ room is to let them have the say when it comes to colours and themes. If your child enjoys the space, they will be more likely to use it and be happy there. With lots of removable decal options out there today, putting up a wall of space themed items, or a full zoo of animals can make a room that encourages play and doesn’t cause too much headache when they want to remove them and graduate to a more teen-like room.

Regardless of which phase your kids’ room is in, there are countless solutions in space saving, multi-functional, kid-friendly furniture waiting for you.

This room below takes advantage of the vertical height by using a loft style bed. This allows for extra storage space underneath. Source: Houzz

This cute little corner allows a space for creativity and display. With a simple storage solution and accessible buckets, this is the place for any little creative. Source: Houzz
Source: Houzz
This small space packs big impact! It’s a book nook and bed nook all in one. Both stylish and storage friendly, this solution is simple and elegant.
This is a great bed space solution. A nice fort-like space is made just by elevating the bed a bit. Source: Houzz
Storage, storage, and more storage! This room with its functional bunk bed gets even more functional with additional under bed storage and oodles of closet space. Source: Houzz
These bright storage boxes really add personality and functionality to this room. Source: Houzz

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