Most Canadians celebrate the changing of the seasons, especially when it means spending some time in the great outdoors with family and friends cooking over the grill. In recent years however we’ve had a rise in not just fancy outdoor grilling areas, but entire outdoor kitchens.  Taking a cue from our neighbours to the south, we’re taking the pots and pans outside for some epic summer meals, made outside the comfort of your own home!

What makes this trend so appealing? We’ve got five reasons why outdoor kitchens are a trend anyone can love.

  1. They’re convenient:

With outdoor storage drawers, warming drawers, refrigerators, wine fridges, beverage centres, and sinks, cooking outdoors gets a lot more convenient than running back and forth, inside and out, and attempting to open doors with dirty hands.

  1. They’re functional:

Because you’re most likely going to be creating your own outdoor living space from scratch you get to be the master of your own destiny and create the space that is the most functional for your life and entertaining style. Do you need two fridges outside, rather than just one? Or maybe you entertain big crowds and need lots of flexible seating, you can do it!  With DIY projects, outdoor kitchen kits, and loads of online inspiration you can make your outdoor kitchen the most functional space ‘in’ your home.

  1. They invite lounging:

Outdoor living spaces with sofas and loungers invite lounging and conversation, encouraging guests to stay and linger. Add in a built-in bar area, complete with bar sink and outdoor wine fridge and you’ve got yourself a boys night in, or girls wine party any night of the week.

  1. They can be multi seasonal:

No need to think of your outdoor kitchen as just warm weather use. With fire pits and bowls, heating lamps, and décor lighting the crisp fall nights and early spring weather will have you outside under a blanket after enjoying your meal

  1. They could potentially increase the value of your home:

Real estate agents in the southern US are starting to count the square footage of the outdoor spaces into the home’s total square footage, declaring the spaces a functional addition to the home. We all know a kitchen renovation adds value to your home, so it’s a safe bet to assume a well-planned out outdoor kitchen (bringing your home’s total to two!) can give it a boost as well.

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