Where to Splurge and where to Save In the Hallway

Hallways can and should be ‘way’ more than just a ‘way’ to get from room to room, they too should be a space you decorate and enjoy with purpose. It’s almost like we could rename hallways to something much more descriptive like the ‘connecting room’ or ‘connecting alleys’ because they really do so much more. We can use our hall spaces to the max by making them a multi-functional space for display, storage, living, and yes…walking from room to room.

With that in mind, it’s time for another edition of Splurge VS. Save: Hallways.

Where to Splurge


Hallways and main corridors in your home take a big beating. They get banged up and roughed around by bags, toys, dogs, laundry baskets, and so much more. Your hallway deserves a fine finish. Invest in beautiful high-quality baseboards and trim, paint and wallpaper, and little details like light switches & fixtures. Not only will your hallway ‘wear’ longer, but it will look fabulous doing it.

Great finishes in the hallway

Functional Storage

The beauty of hallways is they are pretty much next to all your other rooms. This means you can make the hallway spaces an extension of those rooms and create a multi-functional space with very well thought out storage and display spaces. Have lots of shoes or books? Investing in sleek shoe or book storage can make the hallway work it like a runway.

This condo hallway is now an office thanks to some seriously functional storage and thinking outside the ‘hall’.

Source: Houzz

Where to Save


Have lots of treasured family photos? A large arrangement of big box store frames with family photos and picture rails can elevate your hallway to an art gallery. Framed memories like concert tickets, children’s art, and other DIYs make an inexpensive way to show personality without breaking the bank.

Source: Houzz

Or use a collection of old frames to create a neat and interesting space.

Source: Houzz


Just like art, you can change up your accessories based on seasons. Hallways make great places for seasonal décor like vintage skis in winter and old tennis rackets in the summer. Don’t break the bank on a breakable item you’ll be too scared to walk past when a vase of flowers and a collection of fun art or projects will do.

Source: Houzz

See what we mean? The hallway can be ‘WAY’ more and we hope you’re inspired.

Rebecca, Your Furniture Expert