When you cook in your kitchen, you should never have to worry about being able to breathe. But, if your cookery gets exceptionally smoky when you bust out the culinary skills on your appliances, then it’s time you invested in a Whirlpool vent hood.

Some people argue that a vent hood is an unnecessary appliance and not needed above your cooking space. We beg to differ and have plenty of reasons why you’ll want one where you cook, bake, steam, and more!

1. Breathe Better

The number one reason to get a Whirlpool vent hood is to simply breathe better. When cooking, you’ll notice that without a vent or some sort of airway to push air out of your kitchen, the room tends to get a bit smoky. And when the fumes become too intense and don’t have a way of filtering out, it can make cooking a little unbearable.

A Whirlpool vent hood has the power to clear out the air with its fan and make the room fresh and breathable. With the electronic control panel, you’ll be able to set your fan manually between 3 different speeds. Not to mention, it’ll be quiet! Whirlpool vent hoods have noise reduction technology so instead of feeling like you’re caught in a storm, you’ll be able to cook in peace.

2. Brighter Kitchen

If you’ve ever wished you had more light over your cooktop or range, then having a Whirlpool vent hood is a great idea. These hoods are more than just an appliance for ventilation, they can provide a bit of extra light as well. With some extra LED task lighting illuminating your cooktop surface, you’ll no longer be squinting to see if your water is boiling. Cooking is so much better when you can see what you’re doing.

3. Heat Eliminator

During the warm summer months, having a vent hood handy can actually help keep the heat to a minimum. It doesn’t work like an air conditioner and blow cool air out, but the fan is extremely helpful in extracting the heat the same way it extracts the smoke from the air. So, instead of sweating like you just ran a marathon in your kitchen, a Whirlpool vent hood can help you stay cooler and keep your focus on the important things. Like cooking up something steamy without soaking in the steam itself.

As you can tell, having a Whirlpool vent hood is an ideal way to stay refreshed and comfortable while cooking in the kitchen. Not to be dramatic, but not owning a Whirlpool vent hood is a miserable experience and if you’re an avid cooker, you’ll want one of these appliances to make your stay in the kitchen a tolerable one.

Drop in to our store to check out the collection of Whirlpool vent hoods we have available. From glass to stainless steel canopy wall mounts, we’ve got a sleek variety for you to choose from. Find the vent hood that will freshen up your kitchen today!

Amanda, Your Appliance Expert