World Sleep Day Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging

World Sleep Day is a celebration of all things “sleep” as well as a time that brings awareness to sleep disorders and advancements made in the field. This internationally recognized event is organized by the World Sleep Society whose goal is to bring awareness to sleep-related issues and promote sleep health through organized events both worldwide and locally.

The 12th annual World Sleep Day’s slogan is “Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging,” and will highlight the importance that sleep has on our health at any age. It is a well-known fact that sleep, as one of the main pillars of good health along with nutrition and exercise, is directly related to our overall physical, mental and emotional wellness. Quality sleep also affects how young we look and feel!

Participating in this event includes reviewing our own sleep hygiene habits and where we can make improvements that will ultimately affect our health and how we age!

We Are Career-oriented with Little Sleep

If we are the ambitious type who believes sleep is for the weak, we are not helping our career one little bit. Quality restorative sleep is essential to rest the mind and body so that it can continuously function and help us be productive.

Trying to climb the corporate ladder on little to no sleep will keep us at the lower rung. Our minds can’t fire-up on all cylinders to stay sharp and competitive. Remember, we should ‘sleep our way to the top’!

We Are a Couple Finding Balance

New couples seem to have the same complaints. One is a snorer, the other a light sleeper. One likes the mattress firm, the other soft. One likes the bedroom cool while the other warm. Couples who can ultimately sleep together in peace will truly find harmony in their relationship. With advancements in sleep technology and many resources on the topic, couples can find their perfect solutions.

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We Are Parents with Young Children

Studies show that parents with infants get approximately 4 hours of sleep daily. That is about 50% of what we should be getting to function properly. This clearly affects us on a mental, emotional and physical level when we need to be the most alert. Recognizing that we need help during the first year of parenthood is the first step to getting what we need. Asking for that help is essential. Arranging sitters for a few hours a day so that we can get some rest is the best thing we can do for ourselves, and for our baby.

We Are Suffering from Chronic Pain

Many of us get caught in that cycle of less sleep brings more pain and more pain brings less sleep. This unrelenting cycle should be recognized early after an injury or chronic illness. Natural remedies, physiotherapists and alternative techniques are all worthwhile to consider as we help our bodies heal so that we can sleep.

Sleep is the best remedy for everything. Sleep helps us recover from injury and illness, even grief. Sleep is essential for our brains to function at optimum speed and efficiency. Sleep balances our moods that can affect our weight and how our bodies age. So, let’s circle March 15th on our calendars and take some time to review our sleep habits and enjoy the benefits of “Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging”!

Gerry, Your Sleep Expert